Elsie Rose is 18 Months Old

Barely even able to believe it. Eighteen months have flown since that first moment we held that tiny little scrap of a baby in our arms. Since she was plucked form the warmth and brought into the world. Since she made her mark in the family. And what a mark it has been! Elsie Rose is everything that we dared to imagine. Feisty. strong willed, funny and energetic. And though she has only been here for 18 months, we truly feel she has been here forever.

Elsie Rose is 18 months old_Ghostwritermummy.co.ukI want to bottle now. Now, in all it’s imperfect glory. All the tantrums, early mornings and night wakings. All the hospital appointments, mealtime battles and hair wash sagas. All the arm grabbing, toy snatching and leg pulling reflux. These are the not so great moments in life with Elsie Rose. But they are the reality, and only such a small part of who she is. I want to bottle it all, because it is all so precious. And it will all be over so soon, leaving a space that no other baby will fill.

She is the last. (more…)


The Sally Swimsuit from Frugi

Once again we’ve been lucky enough to receive another new item from swimming range to review, and this time from their new swimming range. Since Bella is a true water baby and absolutely loving her swimming lessons at the moment, I decided to pick something out for her to wear. Another beauty of Frugi being that the clothes are not just for babies! The pieces for preschoolers and older children are just as awesome, as you’ll see from previous reviews were we’ve had these bits for The Big One and this coat for The School Boy. You really can dress the whole family at Frugi, especially as the maternity and breastfeeding range is all super gorgeous too. This time though, we’re talking the The Sally Swimsuit from Frugi– this is what we thought.

The Sally Swimsuit from Frugi_Ghostwritermummy.co.uk (more…)


HG: Know the Difference


I didn’t know the difference between HG and morning sickness. I assumed it was normal. I assumed I was eating the wrong foods. I assumed it would pass. I didn’t know the difference.

Do you?

Morning sickness is something that affects at least half of all pregnant women, with 80% experiencing nausea in the first 12 weeks.

HG? That claims around 1% of pregnant women.

Morning sickness usually eases around 16-18 weeks, after which women are able to hopefully go on to enjoy their pregnancy. For some, nausea and sickness can continue a little longer, but it doesn’t usually affect their ability to work, eat or care for themselves. (more…)


HG: Hyperemesis Gravidarum (or Have a’ Ginger)

A guest post from Jane, for #HGday16

My name is Jane… Mum of 2… Student Midwife. And HG sufferer. Yak. I would not wish this on my worst enemy.

I am writing this guest blog post as a Mum and therefore it does not show my usual academic rigor: this is my lived experience of HG and how it affects my practice as a student midwife and life every day.

My eldest is 9, my youngest almost 5. Ironically I had a molar pregnancy prior to my lovely children with sky high HCG levels and I did not vomit once. I thought I had escaped this curse… my mum had terrified me with her stories of HG having suffered with both myself and my sister. That first pregnancy was not to last (but that is a story for another blog post).

So we decided to try for another baby in 2006. I hoped for plain sailing this time. Those visions we see in the glossy magazine: ‘blooming’ celebs with their neat bump, glossy hair, sparkling eyes, floating dresses and these gorgeous women walking hand in hand with their men through picturesque fields full of flowers…

HG: Hyperemesis Gravidarum (or Have a’ Ginger)_Ghostwritermummy.co.ukI had a queasy stomach from a day or two before my expected period date. Two days later I took a pregnancy test – POSITIVE – I was delighted. The vomiting began a couple of day later. Not just first thing on a morning but all day. Was this just a stomach bug? Nope.

I would tell friends I had Hyperemesis.

“Yeah, I had morning sickness too! Have a ginger biscuit before you get up!”.

HG is NOT MORNING SICKNESS. I just wanted to scream this. But albeit I did not have the energy. (more…)

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