An IUGR baby: and then it’s all over


IUGR baby- and then its all

Weekly scans.

The doppler on my belly, pressing into my skin, sliding on the jelly.

The sounds, almost alien like. The swooshes, the ticks, the chirps.

The CTG. The dips, peaks, dips peaks. Numbers that change but mean nothing to me. The paper that crinkles silently to the floor, folding upon itself as though it’s given up too.

The hand on my belly, waiting.

The silence.

The isolation.

The confusion.

The check ups.

The appointments, one after another after another after another. (more…)

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#MisCOURAGE: time to break the silence

Today Tommy’s the baby charity are launching the #MisCOURAGE campaign, intended to break the silence around miscarriage. The charity says,

At Tommy’s, we know miscarriage is heartbreaking, but often misunderstood by those not affected. Last week, we ran a survey about attitudes towards miscarriage, which so far, over 6,000 women have completed.  We were so saddened to learn that 78% of women felt like a failure after a miscarriage, 62% of women can’t talk to their best friend about their miscarriage, while 35% can’t talk to their baby’s father. We also found it shocking that only 5% of women felt they could talk to their boss.

That’s thousands of women left unable to seek support from those closest to them at an incredibly difficult time in their lives. Please continue to support them and us by speaking up about miscarriage.

The charity has also launchd this very moving video today, to support the campaign and to urge other women to break the silence and to share their stories too.

Can you share your story? Can you donate to fund vital research?  (more…)

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It was worth every minute

It was worth every minute.

Every moment spent wondering, every night spent dreaming. Every scan a chance to see you, still fighting, still determined. Every tiny kick the proof I needed to know you were still there.

worth every

And even the nights we’ve spent alone in the half light, just you and I as the world around us has slept. Even those nights have been wonderful. Continue to be so.

Yes, there have been hard times. Dark days. Long and impossible struggles. There have been moments where I have thought of giving up. Throwing up my hands and saying no more. No more fear. No more dread. No more pain.

But in the end it was worth every minute.

Every wave of nausea, every anxious flutter and every painful twinge.

I wouldn’t change it for the world. (more…)


The Very Merry Twirly Bow Dress from Frugi

We love being part of the #FrugiFamily, and never more so when it comes to Christmas. Last year we were asked to select another blogger to receive a gift from us, and we’ve done the same this year too. Plus we’ve also been given the chance to review something else from the beautiful new Autumn/Winter range. So with Christmas fast approaching, there could be no other choice for us. The Twirly Bow dress leapt out at me and I loved it so much I ordered one for Bella too. What? I won’t get away with dressing them alike for much longer, so I’m going to make the most of it!

The very merrry twirly bow dress from

Christmas has come early this year. And I really don’t care who knows it. We have been so lucky to have been part of the Frugi Family for over a year now, and when I saw the Twirly Bow dress I knew it would make a perfect special dress for the festive season. The girls have always had a new dress for Christmas, every year since they were born and over the years these dresses have been passed down, still wrapped in loving memories of laughter, happiness and joy. (more…)


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