Baby clothes from the Essential One: a review

We have a wonderful history with the Essential One, which started when The Toddler was just nine months old. She was chosen to model for the brand’s new range and we had a lovely day trying out lots of cute clothes! The brochure that she stars in is now in pride of place in her memory box, and it was an experience I’ll never forget either. This is the post I wrote about it at the time.

Since then the Essential One has not only been a brand that we’ve grown to love, but friends too. Karen is a lovely lady! We’ve been honoured to review maternity clothing, and we were recently also sent some gorgeous baby clothes ahead of the poppyseed’s arrival too. So, here is our preliminary review of baby clothes from the Essential One!

Baby clothes from the Essential One~

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An IUGR baby: the agony of the unexplained

So the last scan was good news. Really good news. And I wanted the high from that news to last a little longer. Is it hormones, or something else? They say a mother’s intuition should never be ignored, but what if her intuition is hard to read?

I am pleased. Of course I am pleased that baby seems to be growing- slowly is better than not at all. So I’m pleased. I’m pleased that the blood flow is improving and all the dopplers are coming back ok. I’m pleased that the doctors are pleased. I’m pleased that the 34 week mark has been and gone. 34 weeks and 1 day today.

An IUGR baby_ the agony of the

But I am still scared.

Baby still does not move as much as I would like, or expect.

Baby is still small.

I am still here, 3 sections under my belt and dreams lying in pieces around me.

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Return of The Bump: 33 weeks and the third growth scan

Today I am 33 weeks and 6 days pregnant. And with another week comes another scan! To say that the inside of those waiting rooms are places I want never to see again would be an understatement. I have spent too many hours sitting on those chair with a pounding heart and a too still belly. But this week Ghostwriterdaddy was with me and the news was good!

Baby is still a good four weeks behind the ‘average’ baby- indicated by both the tape measure and the scan- and still below the 10th centile on my personalised growth chart. Still a tiny poppyseed. BUT for the second week running, the doppler results were good. Blood flow and fluid levels all within normal parameters. Normal enough for baby to stay put a little while longer. Hooray!

My biggest concern since the abnormal results has been the chance of the blood flow reducing once more, and cutting essential oxygen to baby. However, it turns out that sometimes the blood flow can take a while to mature, which could account for the IUGR in this case. If delivery was urgent, the blood flow would be worsening now, instead of improving. What a huge relief! So with everything looking ok for now, we are back to fortnightly scans and we have even agreed that baby can stay inside until 37 weeks. Continue reading

An IUGR baby: our story so far


IntraUtarine Growth Restriction.

A baby that is not growing as it should be.

Not just small.

Not just on the last percentile.

Not just the bottom of the average, as some babies must be.

A baby that is not thriving where it should be.

A baby that is deemed to be better out than in.

A baby at risk.

A high risk pregnancy.

An IUGR baby~

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