An IUGR pregnancy

An IUGR pregnancy is not straight forward. An IUGR pregnancy seems a little more fragile. More tense. Less carefree, if you like.


From the moment you’re told your baby is not growing well, you feel a little like a ticking time bomb. Each hospital appointment brings stress and fear into your bones. You pack your bag and take it with you each time, in case this is the week that they tell you your pregnancy must end. Baby must be delivered now. Baby is, finally, better out than in.

You walk out of the hospital each week with a huge sense of relief coursing through your veins. Your bag weighs heavy in your hand once more, and you think about replacing those prem vests with tiny baby vests instead, seeing as your baby is going to make it inside for another week. And then you realise that one more week might not be long enough for baby to graduate onto tiny baby vests after all.

And with that, the relief starts to fade and you enter another week of watiting and hoping. Continue reading

Elsie Rose is five months old

Today Elsie Rose is five months and 3 days old.

Elsie Rose is five months old~

We seem to be finding our rhythm a little better this month. More happy, easier days than not. Less tears, from us both. Less anxiety. And as we move into spring and we get out to walk with the pram more, darkness is lifting from all around and the whole of our world seems to be heaving a sigh of relief. We’ll be ok Elsie Rose. Continue reading

Introducing My Joolz

Your┬ábaby’s name is precious, like them. And it’s refreshing to see that Joolz, the premier Dutch company that makes beautiful prams, agree with this sentiment! Introducing MyJoolz- a clever and beautiful way to personalise your pram. This has me very excited! Let me explain…

We’ve always tried really hard to choose names that are a little less common for our babies. Each of my four pregnancies have been punctuated with discussions over names, and I have to say that I’m genuinely a little sad that I won’t ever get to use my boy name choice after all, seeing as the last two babies were girls!

We stumbled upon Elsie’s name one night, having already decided that her middle name would be Rose. The two names fit together so well. It is a name I am proud of and I love it.

And because our children’s names and the spelling of them is not that usual, we rarely find anything personalised for them. This disappoints the children on a regular basis, but we (mean parents) love it. Any personalised things they have were picked specially and made to order. Just like them.

So how PERFECT is the new My Joolz service that means you can personalise your pram?

Introducing My

Yep. I love a clever design feature when it comes to prams, and this is definitely clever. The My Joolz service is simple but effective- your baby’s name engraved into the soft leather bumper bar of your pram, and 16 colours to choose from too. Continue reading

Fisher Price 3 in 1 projection mobile: a review and giveaway!

We are huge Fisher Price fans in this house, so were delighted to be sent the 3 in 1 projection mobile to review.

Fisher Price 3 in 1 projection

Sleep and Elsie don’t always mix so well, so anything that has been designed to soothe and settle is worth a go in my eyes, and coming from Fisher Price we were sure it would be as wonderful as the other items we’ve had to review. This is what we thought of the 3 in 1 projection mobile- PLUS don’t miss your chance to win one of your own!

Fisher Price 3 in 1 projection

What it is

The Fisher Price 3 in 1 projection mobile┬ás a rather clever device that can be used three ways. There is a removable sound and light device that can be used on it’s own, removable hanging toys that can be used on their own in the pram or buggy, and when you put it all together it makes a wonderful baby cot mobile. Continue reading