Top ten handbag essentials for busy mums

Yes, yes I know- there aren’t many mums who aren’t busy. But there are some mums who are REALLY busy. I have four little people at home with me, and I work from home too, so I tend to feel sorry for myself on a regular basis, and can often be heard complaining of how busy I am. And don’t get me started on how organised I know I have to be too. I am not organised by nature, so this side of motherhood doesn’t come too easily for me. But there are some areas in which I feel I excel, and over packing is one of them. Just ask anyone who knows me- if I think there may be a remote possibility that an item might possibly be needed, it goes in the bag. The bigger the bag, the better. And if it’s not big enough, I take another bag with me too. I cannot stand being caught out without spare clothes, wipes, calpol or hot wheels. So with this in mind, here are my top ten handbag essentials for busy mums. The items that- I believe- all busy mums need in their bags on a daily basis.

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Lamaloli kid’s fashion: a review

A few weeks ago we are asked to spend £40 at Lamaloli and since the kids needed a few bits, I decided to give them a go. I have to admit that Lamaloli would not usually have been my first choice for clothing, but I seem to have bred Disney enthusiasts and when The Preschooler saw the princess range there was no backing down! So here it is- Lamaloli kid’s fashion: a review.

Lamaloli kid's fashion: a

What we ordered

The Preschooler helped me to choose some new pyjamas! She went for a cute Anna and Elsa Frozen set with shorts and a more cosy pair of Princess Belle pyjamas with long sleeves and legs. She also requested a cute pair of Minnie Mouse shorts!

Lamaloli kid's fashion: a

Lamaloli kid's fashion: a

The School Boy was instantly drawn to the Spiderman range of clothes, and went for a pair of pyjamas and a t-shirt and shorts set.

Lamaloli kid's fashion: a

The ordering process

Simple. Make sure you check the size guide first though, as they are European (I think) and the ages aren’t stated on the listings. Click through to the guide and it tells you the sizes there. We ordered our things online, and they were delivered within 48 hours. Perfect! Continue reading

5 reasons why you need to book a short break at Featherdown Farms

We recently enjoyed a short break with Featherdown Farms and since we got back we’ve been telling all who will listen how much we loved it. And we’re also giving them plenty of reasons why they need to book a break too. Two years ago we spent the weekend in the Lakes, with Farmer John, so I knew that we would love another chance to glamp in style! Feather down Farms are short breaks with a difference. You get to spend time on a real, working farm. You’re surrounded by the countryside with nothing more to entertain you than the sound of the animals and the company of your nearest and dearest. You get to light candles as the sun dips below the horizon and you can do this at any of the numerous locations across the UK, and also overseas, in France, Germany, USA and South Africa. This is truly a break from reality. And if you’re still not convinced, here are 5 reasons why you need to book a short break at Featherdown Farms

5 reasons why you need to book a short break at Featherdown

1. Because glamping is WAY cooler than camping.

5 reasons why you need to book a short break at Featherdown

Camping is just not for me. I am no stranger to ‘roughing’ it, and I am certainly not too posh to do it either. I’ve been camping, and I didn’t like it. I didn’t like sleeping in an oversized canvas sack, and I hate sleeping bags full stop. Listening to other people too close by and having to trek across mud to use the loo… no thank you! Glamping is much more my style.

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Working from home- a whole new level of mum guilt

Us mums know all about guilt, don’t we? That nagging, gnawing and clawing feeling of inadequacy, self doubt and dismay that accompanies us through the journey of motherhood like an unwelcome guest at a wedding. And while uncle Bob is reading his hilarious speech, we are in the corner wishing we’d spent more time with the bride, helped her to paint her nails in the colour she asked for and still had time to buy a new hat. No matter what we do, we feel guilt for not doing more, and even if the unattainable really is unattainable, we feel guilty that we didn’t achieve it.

Mum guilt sucks.

Working from home- a whole new level of mum

It claws holes in your confidence and pulls at your ability to step back now and then. To celebrate what you do do well. To rejoice in what you are loved for. To drink in the faces of contented and happy children who want nothing more than you as their mum.

And what of the mum who works from home? That’s a whole new level of guilt right there. Because the working mum leaves the house to do her work, and in her absence her children are cared for. Entertained. Played with. They are fed and they are stimulated until working mum returns home. And yes, working mum feels guilty about leaving the kids while she works, but she knows that while she’s gone they are cared for. Continue reading