Bibee dresses for the party season

Regular readers will know how much I enjoyed reviewing a range of maternity clothes during my pregnancy with Elsie, so when the lovely people at Bibee Dresses asked me to review some items from their wonderful nursing range I jumped at the chance! Its not easy to find clothes that fit the criteria for breastfeeding mums; often comfort and easy access for feeding takes precedence over style and many of the tops out there are either very plain or very fussy. I actually have very few pieces that are specifically designed for breastfeeding, simply because there isn’t too much around, and what there is, isn’t always my style either. So I was interested to see how  Bibee Dresses would measure up. I was also keen to see how suitable Bibee dresses would be for the upcoming party season…

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M&S Baby: celebrating the key moments all in one place (PLUS win an NCT membership)

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Until you meet your baby, you have no idea how your life is going to change. How it tips on it’s side for a while, before slowly- ever-so slowly- and gently resting back on an even keel. It’s a whirlwind. A beautiful, emotional and wonderful whirlwind, but a whirlwind none the less.

So I’m all for finding ways that help you make it all easier. Knowing about the little things you know you need, and the little things you might not actually need, but want all the same. And the only way to know what these things are- these elusive newborn ‘essentials’? Ask the experts, of course.

Having just welcomed baby number four into my heart, I suppose some could consider me an expert… it’s not a title I would give myself though, when I think back to my woefully packed hospital bag! Sending Ghostwriterdaddy emergency shopping for mittens, booties and hats was not my finest hour, and let’s not talk about the vests and sleepsuits I was sure  I had packed… my bag was a disaster. Lucky for others that M&S has made this handy video…

And so on to the exciting news- the launch of M&S Baby!

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Into my arms

It seems that time really is no great healer when it comes to a broken heart. Yesterday marked five years since my son was ripped from my body. Five years. How can it have been that long? Five long years and it all feels like it could have been yesterday. I still hear the deafening screams of silence as his heartbeat faded to nothing in that sterile room. Still see those eyes behind the masks, hear the feet pounding the floor as the lights above me blurred into one. The sound of the theatre doors crashing open and hands moving me to the table. The mask pressed onto my face and my own eyes searching for answers, reassurance and love.

It wasn’t there.

His heartbeat




And while I slept they took him from my body. Blue, lifeless and alone. They brought him back; they saved him and I, but they did not tell me why. Why things had gone so wrong and why we had to be apart.

Into my arms~

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Looking backwards but moving forwards

This time of year can be strange- as the year draws to a close, lots of us find ourselves looking back on things that have happened, places we’ve been to and people we’ve met. Some years are bigger than others, but no less significant. And this year for me has been pretty huge. A pregnancy. A difficult pregnancy. The preciousness of life hanging by a thread. Control changing hands just when I needed it to be mine. Fear of the unknown. And then a baby! A healthy baby. The perfect ending; a year come full circle and perhaps time now to reflect, to be looking backwards but moving forwards.

Looking backwards but moving forwards~

As 2014 ends I know that I am lucky, despite the turbulence we’ve had to endure. It’s always strange to look back and wonder if you would have done anything differently if you’d known what was going to happen. And honestly? I’m not sure I could have, even if I wanted to. Sometimes we mght like to think we can predict the future with Tarot card readings, or a crystal ball, but sometimes npbody can really see what’s up ahead at all. Continue reading