Potty Training Truths


Ah, potty training! For some of us, its a time that really can send you potty, if you’ll excuse the pun. It was certainly intended. I find that much of parenting can be categorised into ‘laugh or cry’ these days, don’t you? I recently uploaded our latest #6Steps video in collaboration with Huggies Pull Ups, as part of our role as ambassadors for the brand. We’re really excited to be working with them throughout Elsie’s journey, and we hope that our update brings you a little hope and clarity with your own journey.

So as you can tell from the video, our journey so far has been more than a little stop/ start to say the least! With the added glamour of poo on the bedroom floor! If anyone has any bright ideas as far as this goes, then please do let me know! (more…)


Penguin Audiobooks: a Great Gift for Kids at Christmas!

We are a family of book lovers, and ever since the children were all really tiny we have made time for a story at the end of the day. Its our special time to sit together and enjoy a story; enjoy a snuggle after a busy day. But reading at bedtime is about so much more too. It helps to develop vocabulary, communication skills, imaginative play and much much more. I’m a firm believer that children are never too old to be read aloud to, and this is one reason why Penguin audiobooks are going to make such fantastic gifts for kids this Christmas.luka penguin 5 17.10.16

We were asked if we’d like to try a selection of audiobooks on CD, and I asked the children which books they’d like to try. We chose Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and other Stories, The Chronicles of Narnia and The Christmasaurus.If I’m honest, I already knew that the children would enjoy them. I love books on CDs and have always ensured there are plenty around the house for the children to dip into when they want some quiet time. I especially love books on CDs for early readers as they can use the books to read along and enjoy the wonder of story telling often by the author themselves. The Roadl Dahl audiobook CD is read by the man himself, which was hugely impressive to Luka! (more…)

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I Believe in Girl Power

I grew up in a busy house. Five girls, all close in age, all clamouring for their space in the world. My mum was the main earner in our house, and after my youngest sister was born my stepdad stayed at home to look after her once maternity leave was up. Back then, maternity leave was 12 weeks, so my mum used to come home in her lunch break (she was a primary school teacher) to breastfeed. And she would feed her through the night too, since nobody else was able to take on that job for her. She worked hard, and at the same time she showed us girls something really special. She showed us that no matter what happened in life, all we needed to do was to work hard at our dreams, and we could literally do anything.

Today, I am a mother to three girls.

I believe in girl power_Ghostwritermummy.co.uk (more…)


And the world came tumbling down

I don’t dream about his birth any more. I dream instead about the feelings his birth have left me with. In my dreams I am scared and I am anxious. In my dreams I am angry and I am frustrated. In my dreams, I am alone.

Almost seven years ago he was ripped from my body and the world came tumbling down.

And the world came tumbling down_ghostwritermummy.co.ukNothing was the same any more. Nothing made sense. Nothing was carefree. Instead, everything changed. Everything was wrong. Everything was hard. (more…)


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