Back to school: top tips for the new term

Yes, yes I know that it’s only July and we haven’t even broken up yet… but as a seasoned school mum I know that preparation is key. Come September I will have one child in year six, one in year one and one in preschool. So that’s three different uniforms for three different schools, and three different drop offs each morning too. So I NEED to be prepared. And organisation unfortunately is not my middle name! So I’ve put together a few ideas to make September a little easier… Back to school: top tips for the new term.

Back to school top tips for new term~


And label some more. If it has a label inside it, get it named. There is nothing worse that spending a small fortune on your (3) uniforms ready for the new term, only to find that you are two jumpers, one tie and three school coats short by the half term. We buy our uniforms from M&S and ALWAYS label everything- you can even get name tape at the same time, and someone will do it all for you! My advice:

  • Buy some labels for everything! It will save you having to write inside everything (and that washes off over time too) and it will help your child recognise their things quickly and easily. Imagine a sea of 30 identical jumpers after PE… a blue label with a football on it will stand out like a sore thumb! I love Name it Labels for this very reason, and always make sure I get my order in before school breaks up so I can label things as we buy them.
  • Make sure your child knows where the labels are! Again, that sea of 30 jumpers can be daunting when you’re five, but if your child knows where their label is, it’s going to save a lot of time.
  • Label shoes! There’s bound to be another child with the same style shoes. One year my eledest came home with her right shoe in a size 3 and left in a size 1. Don’t ask. M&S will also label your shoes for you, so just ask.
  • Keep spare labels! Your child is going to grow. Keep spare labels to label new garments and for the summer uniform you didn’t know you were going to buy after Easter.

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Win a Sophie la Giraffe and record your special moments with Milestone Cards!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram and Twitter will have seen that Elsie has a tooth!

Win a Sophie la Giraffe and record special memories with Milestone Cards~

Hooray! This one had been on its way for weeks now so we’ve been dealing with dribble, chomping and all the rest of it for a while now. Thank goodness for Sophie la giraffe!

Win a Sophie la Giraffe and record special memories with Milestone Cards~

We were sent a Sophie to try out and although we already knew how so awesome these teething toys were (Bella had one, plus so does almost every other baby we meet on a regular basis!). And there is a very good reason why too.

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The journey of me: no more babies

No more babies.

Writing it down is even stranger than saying it out loud. But it’s true. There will be no more babies for me. And that’s ok. Remarkably, I am ok with this.

The journey of me can begin now .

The journey of me_ no more babies~

I won’t lie and say that coming to the realisation that there will be no more babies was easy. Or unexpected. I have four beautiful children. I always wanted four. I have them.

I have the sticky fingers on the windows and the wet footprints down the hall upstairs. I have the early mornings watching cartoons and eating Cheerios from a cup. I have the football tournaments, the swimming lessons and the jaunts to the park to splash in the puddles after the rain. I am mum, mummy, mother. And now I am going to be me, again.

Those who follow me on Instagram and Twitter will know I’ve embarked upon a detox- that is the beginning of the journey of me. It is time for me. It is time to show my children that I matter too. It is time to invest in myself so that I can be here that little bit longer with the four beings I put on this earth. Continue reading

Tidy Books: the perfect addition to a shared bedroom!

We live in a four bedroom house with a beautiful play room/ chill out room. Half of it is used to store toys, dressing up costumes and crafty bits and bobs. The other half is home to Ghostwriterdaddy’s records so it’s very much a shared space. During my pregnancy with Elsie we unmed and ahhed over where she would sleep eventually, once she was no longer in with us. We decided she would share with Bella, in the hope that big sister’s sleeping habits would rub off on her- which they haven’t, so far. But there’s time! So our next dilemma- how to create a shared room that both girls could stake a claim to? We’ve discovered it’s all about the little touches. Allowing mainly Bella to put her stamp on her space without squeezing Elsie out because she’s the youngest, and just a baby. That’s why we think a Tidy Books case is the perfect addition for a shared bedroom!

Tidy Books_ The perfect addition to a shared bedroom!’ve loved Tidy Books cases since we first set eyes on them, and when we were asked to review one we couldn’t say no! We were lucky enough to be sent a beautiful personalised book case to finish off the girls’ room and we love it!

Loving the girls’ new @tidybooks reading corner!

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The book case is made from sustainable wood, finished with laquer so that its durable and lovely to look at. Elsie and Bella’s names were added upon request and it all arrived in a super small box too. Assembling the case was not my job- and I’m glad! Grandad found it a little tricky to get the provided Allen key to work, but after scouring how own collection he managed to assemble the bookcase easily. We’ve secured it to the wall so that its safe for the girls. Continue reading