Medela Swing Maxi breast pump: a review

A few weeks before Elsie arrived, we were faced with the prospect of an even earlier delivery, at 34 weeks gestation. This was due to the IUGR, and a doppler scan revealing reduced blood flow through the cord to baby. 34 weeks was deemed to be the earliest safest point to deliver, and so my bag was packed and sat dutifully in the car during each and every hospital appointment that followed. During all of this, a conversation on Twitter regarding scheduled c-sections and breastfeeding had me thinking. A fellow mum had been told to start expressing milk two weeks prior to her c-section to enable the milk production to begin ahead of baby’s delivery and I suddenly realised- I need a breastpump! I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to review the Medela Swing Maxi double breast pump, and here are my thoughts.

Medela Swing Maxi breast pump_ a review~

Firstly, I’d like to say that Medela are a wonderful brand to be in touch with. Along side the extensive information already on their site (breastfeeding tips and advice, making breastfeeding part of your lifestyle, information on the extensive research Medela carries out, information on breastfeeding and premature babies and information for professionals) the team are always on hand to answer questions on Twitter or Facebook and over email too. Continue reading

Elsie Rose is one month old


Elsie Rose is One month old~

Where has that time gone?

Buried under baby clinic appointments, nappy changes and broken sleep.

I’d love to say I wouldn’t change a moment of our month together, but not every day has been easy. And by baby number 4, I know to expect that. Babies are hard work. Add them to the mix of three other children and they are even more hard work. Continue reading


In May I published this post to announce my fourth pregnancy. I was 14 weeks pregnant and already weeks into the horrendous sickness that debilitated me for so long.

I was happy to be pregnant. I was excited; I’d always wanted four children and that dream was becoming reality at last!

But the sickness was horrific. The medication helped, but it never really went away. The emotional scars of feeling so desperate, too scared to leave the house incase I was sick all over people I didn’t know, hating the sight of the kitchen because it meant food, lying on the floor at 7pm every night while my eldest daughter helped to put her brother and sister to bed… the emotional scars of all of that run deep, even now.

I stopped taking my medication at 27 weeks pregnant, and give or take a few sick days here and there I was lucky enough not to need any more at all.

My Positive Pregnancy

my positive

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A few essentials to have before baby arrives: with Shnuggle, Medela, Snuzpod, Doona and Stokke

Before Elsie was born, before I was admitted to hospital, a little post sat in draft on my computer, detailing all the lovely baby things I had ready for our new baby. Not so new any more! Now she is three weeks old, this post is written retrospectively and perhaps with a little more certainty too. The original post was intended to be all about the things had ready for the new baby; things I felt were essential to buy ahead of the big day. And although it’s not vastly different, it is now a collection of things I know  are essential to have before baby arrives. With a luxury item from Stokke for good measure…


Sleep is important! And with a newborn you don’t get much of it all in one go either. But newborns do sleep a lot, and you need somewhere for them to do it in, both day and night. For each of our babies we’ve always had a moses basket for daytime sleeps downstairs. The School Boy and The Toddler both used the same basket in fact, so much so that the wicker basket is now frayed a little and the stand completely snapped when we were packing it away… so we were over the moon to be asked to review the wonderful Shnuggle basket.

A few essentials to have before baby arrives_ shnuggle

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