Elsie Rose is four months old

Today Elsie Rose is four months and 3 days old!

Elsie Rose is four months old~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

This month has been amazing to see the changes in her, as she continues to go from strength to strength following her tongue tie division. Feeding is still a little more erratic than I’m used to, but she is gaining weight still and smiling lots!

This month we had a chuckle from our beautiful girl, and it certainly helped to brighten another up and down period. More and more I am realising that the impact of pregnancy might be a lot bigger than I’d anticipated and I admit there are days where I struggle emotionally. But we are getting there. We are doing more, and we are finding our feet together. Continue reading

Win tickets to The Baby and Toddler show!

The Baby and Toddler show is coming back to Manchester, and to Sandown Park in Surrey too! Supported by Emma’s Diary, the show is running at Event City in Manchester from 6-8th March 2015, and in Sandown Park 17-19 April and I have a pair tickets to give away to one lucky winner! You can choose which show you want to attend.

Why visit the Baby and Toddler show?

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Bella’s #BalloonTime birthday

Last week Bella turned three years old!

Our weekend was filled with princesses, laughter and balloons. What better way to celebrate?

This was the first birthday that Bella really understood. Since The Big One turned ten just a few days before Elsie arrived, she has been waiting for her turn. Her party. After Mummy’s birthday, we told her. After your brother’s birthday. After Christmas. And when all that was done, we were on the count down. She wanted a party. She wanted a Peppa Pig cake. She wanted balloons. So who were we to argue?

Bellas balloon time birthday~ Ghostwritermummy.co.u Continue reading

#MaternityMatters link up (4)

It’s time for another #MaternityMatters link up! Thank you so much to everyone that has taken the time to link up, to read and to share the posts. Jayne and I truly love hosting this linky because it gives us the chance to glimpse into so many different lives, and to share in such varied experiences too. We hope you’re enjoying it too.

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Maternity Matters~ Ghostwritermummy

This time I’ve linked up two posts- an old post written way back when this blog first began and a post that documents the reason why I started blogging in the first place, and a new post about postnatal care. Please do link up as many posts as you like, both old and new, and if you can read and comment on some of the other posts linked up that would be fab.

#MaternityMatters link up (4)~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk