Elsie Rose is 3 months old!

Today Elsie Rose is three months and 4 days old.

Elsie Rose three month old~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

We have lots of smiles. We have half chuckles. We have lots of head bobbing as she cranes her neck to take in her world. She loves to look in the mirror. She loves bath time. She saves her best smiles for her siblings. She is fast becoming the best company.

And the worst.

And the guilt pours from my being as I type the words, but life with Elsie Rose is not always easy. The curse of reflux has us tight in it’s grip. And poor Elsie is suffering. And we are suffering. And some days are so hard! Continue reading

#MaternityMatters link up (2)

Last week Jayne and I launched the #MaternityMatters link up and we’re thrilled so many of you joined in. I loved reading the posts from you all, and I hope you managed to get round to a few new blogs too. Thank you all so much for linking up and for sharing the love- it’s much appreciated!

Jayne and I intend to pin all of the posts as soon as we get around to setting up a Pinterest account, so bear with us. We will get there! At the moment, like you, we’re a little swamped with nappies and baby stuff…

If you link up, feel free to add our badge to your post (it’s not in any way mandatory!) and please do take the time to visit some of the other blogs on the list- the quality last week was amazing and it was an honour to be able to read them all.

Maternity Matters~ Ghostwritermummy

Link as many posts as you like- old or new- and if you come across a blog post or article written by someone else that you’d like us to read, please link that too. We’re all about widening our reading lists.

As always, please remember that some posts linked up may be of a sensitive nature; please comment constructively and with kindness. Enjoy!

maternity matters link up 2~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

Fisher-Price Sensory Stages 2 in 1 bouncer: a review and giveaway

Just before Elsie arrived we were sent a Fisher-Price Sensory Stages 2 in 1 bouncer to review.  All the kids have had a bouncy chair of some sort, as when they are first born I like them to have a change of scenery, and sit up with the family as much as possible. I have fond memories of my little sister being a baby, and chatting gobbledygook to her as she sat happily in her bouncy chair, and that was 27 years ago! So, on to the Fisher-Price chair, and what we thought of it.

Fisher-Price sensory stages 2 in 1 bounver chair review and giveaway~ Ghostwrtermummy.co.u Continue reading

Rockin’ Baby sling: a review and a giveaway

When Elsie arrived I was offered the chance to review a sling from Rockin’ Baby. Since I love babywearing, I jumped at the chance, and ordered a sling pouch to try out with her. I love that there are lots of designs to choose from, and all of them are reversible so you can swap your babywearing look with ease.

You can follow Rockin Baby on Twitter and like them on Facebook to stay up to date.

Rockin Baby review and giveaway~ Ghostwtitermummy.co.uk

For Elsie and I, babywearing can mean the difference between a good day and a bad day. Often being close to me helps to soothe her when she is unsettled, and for me the act of holding her close to me is second to none. Hers was not an easy pregnancy and there were no guarantees that she would come home healthy and well. Being able to feel her against me as I go through my day is more than I could’ve wished for during those long hospital appointments. On a practical level, babywearing means I was able to walk down to school for The School Boy’s class assembly with The Toddler in the buggy on a beautifully sunny Autumn morning. It means I can get the hoovering done, and I can wash the dishes without Elsie’s crying as background music. It means I have two hands free, but most of the time I do like to stroke her head or pat her back! Continue reading