The iCandy Raspberry in Disneyland Paris

We had an incredibly awesome Christmas, and it’s taken me a while to sort through all the photos! We took the kids on a surprise trip to Disneyland Paris, and we took an iCandy Raspberry with us too. This is what we thought…

The iCandy Raspberry in Disneyland

How it looks

On first impressions, the iCandy Raspberry in fuchsia is a truly stunning pushchair. I’ve gone for the black chassis, but you can also choose a brushed aluminium chassis too. And the colours! I chose the bright, funky fuchsia because I love how it looks and there really is a colour to suit all. If you prefer something a little more classic, there is the Arctic Night (black) or the Atlantic (a lovely muted teal blue). And for the lovers of all things bright and beautiful: the Wisteria is a powerful purple shade, and the Sunflower is all that it promises- a fantastic bright yellow! Personally, I think the fuchsia looks amazing! (more…)

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The Totseat: a review

Before Christmas we were sent a fantastic Totseat for Elsie to try out. We’d already used one for The School Boy and for the Preschooler, so we knew that it was a product worth saying yes to! We chose the beautiful Paddington Bear print, and since it arrived we’ve used it in so many different situations. This is what we thought…

The Totseat: a

Elsie is only little. And while she’s rapidly catching up to babies her age, she’s still on the small size for 15 months. This means that using highchairs while we’re out and about is often quite perilous! Most of the time, the straps don’t fasten tightly enough to keep her contained (she likes to climb) so having the Totseat in my handbag means that we can pretty much salvage any meal out these days. That has to be one of the most fantastic things about the Totseat- it folds up and fits into any bag or pocket, meaning you have a safe and secure seat for your baby no matter where you are. As long as there is a chair to use, of course! (more…)

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The Komono Moneypenny Royale watch from Joy The Store

Before Christmas, I was sent a beautiful Komono Moneypenny Royale watch from Joy The Store. I don’t usually get things for me to review, so this was a real treat. And although its taken me a while to write up this review, I really cannot tell you how much I love it! Its simple, elegant and versatile because it goes within outfit at all. And the best thing? I discovered Joy The Store!

The Komono Moneypenny Royale watch from Joy The

Not long after the watch arrived, we went for a day out in York and I stumbled upon a bricks and mortar Joy The Store. So I popped in, and fell in love with almost everything inside. Beautiful dresses, cute little cardigans, stunning shoes… Its the kind of shop that looks as though its a one off. Tucked away into a side street, filled with goodies you won’t get anywhere else. And yet its online too! I’ve since noticed we have a branch in Manchester too, which makes me very happy! If you have a Joy The Store branch near you, do pop in to take a look. You’ll know what I mean when you do! (more…)


Come in, come out of the dark

It’s been pretty quite over here. It hasn’t been intentional. Sometimes the fog drops so low that I cannot make my fingers type out the words in my head. Sometimes I crave space, and time. Sometimes I simply cannot imagine writing it at all.

Time to come in, out of the dark.

come in come out of the

Last week something pretty wonderful happened. I was shortlisted for the Seraphine Mums Voice award in the Tommy’s baby awards. I’ll be attending the ceremony in March, along with wonderful friends Jenny and Leigh. To be a finalist in these awards has made me realise that this is not over. How can it be, when so many women and their families are still suffering the same as me, still sitting in the dark?

I’ve always been honest about my experiences. I’ve written about birth trauma, HG and IUGR because I needed to. I needed to share, to lessen the load. But it’s different now. Because in sharing I found I was helping, if only in a small way.

You are not alone.

You are not going crazy.

You do deserve answers. (more…)


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