Journey of me: Detox is done, now on with the program

One month ago I started a clean eating program with the fantastic Ross, who runs Live Young Bootcamp.  I had nothing more in my mind than to lose the last few pounds that were lingering since Elsie was born. Sure, it would’ve been nice to get really thin, and tone up and be ‘body confident’ like they tell you should want to be. You know, those women who walk around in skinny jeans and flats, who have never used Spanx and who think nothing of stripping off on shop floors when the changing rooms are full. You know. Not that I’d do that of course- sometimes what you look like on the outside doesn’t always translate to how you feel on the inside.

Journey of me  Detox is done, now on with the

And that’s the whole point of my journey so far. What I look like, one month on from the initial detox and the subsequent clean wrong program has changed. I am slimmer. Leaner. Less ‘wobbly’ than before. Ive lost 10 inches overall and you can tell. My clothes are looser and my skin is clearer. But that’s not the reason why I now know this is the right journey for me. Continue reading

On being ‘beach ready’

There are a few different conversations going on right now about so-called bikini bodies, and whether or not you are ‘beach ready’. Is your body ready? Where do you stand on it all? Are you in the ‘I have a body therefore I am ready’ camp, or are you one of the 60 % of women aged 16-24 that feel shame, anxiety and humiliation when it comes to bikinis on the beach*? I know where I am, and I know where I want my daughters to be in 10 years time too.

*research conducted by My Voucher Codes

On being 'beach ready'

Body image is something I think about a lot. I wrote about how my changing body made me feel during pregnancy and I’ve written briefly about my relationship with me since then too. As an overweight child, summer used do fill me with dread if truth be told. It was always the time to ‘slim down’ for holidays, and as I got older it became a choice between being comfortable and getting my legs out, or being hot, bothered and firmly covered up. I am 37 years old and I still don’t wear what I truly want to when the weather is hot. Continue reading

Do you want to #CelebrateBetter too?

Football fever descended upon us a while ago. Being mother to three girls doesn’t let me off the hook (and I wouldn’t have it any other way!) either and so I am resigned to watching it, talking about it and dreaming about it. The recent women’s world cup was a revelation for us all, and since The Big One joined the local girl’s football club, we are all pretty much eating, sleeping and breathing football right now. So what better time to #CelebrateBetter than now? McDonald’s have launched a super competition that will see one lucky winner stepping out with the England team as a player escort next summer during the Euro 2016 tournament… and ALL my kids want to win! Do you want to #CelebrateBetter too?

Do you want to celebrate better too~

Playing football is not uncommon for my older three, and now that it’s the holidays they’re playing daily. As soon as the sun comes up. In between dinner and bath time. Instead of watching TV. Hooray for summer! Continue reading

We’re off to Featherdown Farms!

So today we are off to Featherdown Farms! Our first holiday as a family of six, and we are so excited! I have to admit to being more than a little unprepared this time around. As I sit here, I have yet to pack and have only just taken the towel off my hair since my shower ten minutes ago. Organised is not my middle name, but I’m not panicking. This weekend is all about relaxing, taking it easy, staying offline and having fun. Time with the family and leaving the phone at home.

Yes, really.

Ok, so I will take my phone with me- but I’ll have no signal at all and that’s just what we need right now.

So we’re almost ready to go. Ready to make memories. Ready to have fun. Ready to step away from the real world for a day or two.

We're off to Featherdown Farms!~

Life has been more than a little hectic lately. There have been big changes in our lives in the last nine months. Elsie’s arrival into the world has not always been easy, but it’s a journey we’re learning to enjoy more and more. And when I think of all that she has taught us, I realise the same is true of all of the children. Now that they are four, they have all learned to adapt a lot better than I have. Continue reading