And so another school year begins

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You’d think I’d  be used to this by now. The early morning starts, the rush of the lunch box, water bottle, PE bag. The drop offs, the pick ups, the permission slips and snack money. It’s a cycle that goes on, but never gets much easier when it’s starting afresh.

September has always been a bittersweet month for me. As a child, I hated all the Back To School shenanigans- early nights, hair washes, new shoes…- and as an adult I still feel a pang now and then. But I also LOVE this time of year. A new, fresh start. New uniform, new teacher, new books. New start. New chances to achieve, to succeed. New adventures to be lived. This year I will be the proud owner of two school aged children and I couldn’t be happier.

And so begins another school year~


But I will cry.

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Return of The Bump: 29 weeks pregnant

Today I am 29 weeks and six days pregnant. Tomorrow I shall be the big 3-0 weeks and feeling rather overwhelmed with it all. Yesterday morning I didn’t want to be 30 weeks pregnant. I wanted time to slow down a little, to take a little longer in this pregnancy. I wanted to relish the remaining 10-12 weeks I was utterly sure I had left. And today?

Today I am learning never to take anything for granted. Never to assume that everything will be how I plan it in my head. The pregnancy, the VBAC, the whole thing. Nothing I do now will really have much effect on the outcome; all I can do now is stay as healthy as possible and hope that everything is ok. Continue reading

Pregnancy pretties part one

Throughout this pregnancy so far, since we made our announcement on the blog, I have been lucky enough to be sent lots of lovely things to review. I call these my pregnancy pretties because they are things that have made me feel good about myself. Things for me, not for the baby. And while I still need to write up the reviews on many of them, I wanted to share them with you in a bit of a round up, so this is Pregnancy Pretties part one!

I’ve already written about the wonderful products I was sent from Mustela (we’re still using these a lot), and since then I’ve also been sent some new stretch mark cream to use too. Did you know that Bepanthen now make this glorious stuff?

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