Return of The Bump: 27 weeks

I spent my 27th week of pregnancy in Sicily.

return of the bump: 27 weeks~

I would like to say that the week saw me breezing around the island in floaty little maternity numbers, and lazing by the pool with one hand resting lightly on my golden bump… but that would be just plain wrong. We had a super, super time- but man was it HOT. And by hot, I mean HOT. 37 degrees hot. Too hot for 27 weeks gestation.

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Coffee Moments with Cafepod

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love coffee. I’ve loved it since I was a kid and drink at least 5-6 cups a day (one caffeinated, the rest de-caffeinated, incase you were wondering!)- I’ve never liked tea at all. I always go for the coffee creams in the sweetie tin and will always choose coffee cake over chocolate, any day. So imagine my delight to be asked to review a selection of coffee pods from CafePod! Ghostwriterdaddy and I love our Nespresso machine and since I only get one ‘proper’ cup a day, it just has to be from this machine to make it really worth it. But the pods aren’t always that easy to come by (our closest Nescafe shop is in the Trafford Centre so the pods aren’t something we can pick up with our grocery shop) so knowing that there are other, compatible, pods out there is always worth knowing.

We were asked to share photos of the different ways that we enjoyed our CafePod coffees… so here goes.

The energy blast

First up, I went for the Espresso Ristretto (strength number 10)- to be enjoyed best first thing in the morning, ahead of my daily Pilates/ pre-natal fitness work out. For the ultimate wake up, energy boost and motivation. I drink this one alongside a banana before my 40 minute work out. This one was a lovely cofee- intense but not bitter, and definitely not too strong. Very nice!

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Reurn of The Bump: 26 weeks

Today I am 26 weeks and 5 days pregnant with baby number 4. The poppyseed is now the size of an aubergine and weighs around 2lb already. The eyes are starting to open and bright lights on the outside are a source of wonder on the inside apparently. Last night I felt one of those squirmy, wriggling full body turns for the first time. The poppyseed made a full roll from one side to another and took my whole tummy with it! All the movements are still really low down and I’m not sure if that is because the placenta is cushioning movements higher up, or if baby just prefers it lower down.

And this week I think I am feeling some shreds of positivity return. After the wobbles of the last couple of weeks, this whole giving birth/ VBAC thing is starting to look a little clearer. A little. I was thinking back to when I was pregnant with The Big One, and how as my due date crept closer I started to feel more and more frightened of the birth. And then one night it dawned on me. What had I to be scared of? This was my baby, and I’d known her since she was a tiny poppyseed. I’d felt her kick and seen her little limbs poking out of my stomach and there was no way I could be scared of her. Realising this centred me, helped me to stay calm and accept that what would be, would be.

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Return of the Bump: 25 weeks

Today I am actually 26 weeks pregnant but this update is for 25 weeks as I am more than a little behind is so much that I’m doing right now…

The poppyseed is the size of a rather glamorous suede (!) and is growing rapidly. Don’t I know it. Capillaries are forming under the skin and filling with blood, so that skin is looking pinker. Air sacs are also developing in the lungs, ready for those essential first breaths in the outside world. Nostrils are starting to unplug, and vocal chords are warming up. It’s still so hard to believe that this is going on inside!

Physically I am up and down. I don’t have any of the usual pregnancy complaints of swollen ankles, back ache or pelvis pain. But I am back on the meds, for now. I am also starting to stress more than a little bit about the birth if I’m honest.

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