The Hunger Strike

It’s now been around a month since the latest hunger strike began. He eats small amounts, but not enough and mainly only smooth, sweet things. I make a meal, he refuses to eat it. So I make another meal and he refuses that too. By the time I’ve made porridge or weetabix P and E’s dinners are ready so they eat with L and mine goes in the bin! The plus side to this is that my clothes are now all hanging off me and there is definitely not on ounce of baby weight left… but I’m ill now and I can’t seem to shake this cold. I NEVER get colds!!! So, the hunger strike. He ate like a trooper thursday and friday (at nursery) and we were told not to worry if he wasn’t hungry for dinner as he had eaten so much. But by last night (sunday) he still wasn’t hungry. Oh. Apart from the jar he ate at P’s mums…. so now we are totally either doing something wrong or inventing all of this again. No wonder he is always full of a cold or tonsiltis!!

Today he has eaten very little again but he is so happy. He’s such a beauitful little boy and on days like these I love him so much.


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