There’s a shreddie on your belt and other random objects stuck to your socks

When my daughter was little my husband went to work and found a shreddie stuck to his belt in the middle of giving an important presentation. He also discovered that the linen pants he was wearing had a rip in the crotch, but that has more to do with his- perhaps- energetic racing to the train and shifting uncomfortably on the tube maybe. It has less to do with my daughter, except that maybe he’d lingered a little longer that day to give her one more high five before he left for work. Anyway, the shreddie on the belt. How we laughed!

Then I remembered the lady I worked with when I was about twenty, a flustered new mother who was always talking about her baby (like I cared! I was twenty, childless and young, refreshed and did I mention, childless??) and who raced into the office one day to declare ‘I just found mashed potatoes in my handbag!’

Well, what a way to try for attention, I thought. As if you would find mashed potato in your handbag… Today I found the following items on my sock- three cherios, a Disney Princess sticker and a piece of chewed breadstick. I kid you not.

So I want to know- what do you find on your socks these days? And how often do you hoover? Some days I hoover three or four times and other days- like today- I save it for the big tidy up after dinner. In these days I learn to live with cheerios on my sock, shreddies on my belt and I might even learn to live with mashed potato in my handbag. No, wait, I could never live with mashed potato in my handbag. I am still me under all this mummy costume, after all!


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