Introducing Maternity Matters

Myself and the lovely Jayne over at Mum’s The Word have been liaising lately over the appalling treatment we recieved following the traumatic births of our children. Many of you will have already read my birth story and the amazing guest posts I have been honoured to publish on my Birth Trauma page. More and more I am reading about families who are being failed by the very people who are supposed to be caring for them and this is something that I feel passionate about. I want to raise awareness of birth trauma, the services that are available for women and their families and the effects that unsatisfactory care can have in the long run. I want maternity care to be improved and Jayne and I felt so strongly that a collective voice will be heard over just one. In support of the Netmums maternity campaign and for our children, Jayne and I are setting up Maternity Matters and we want you to join us.

Mission Statement:

Maternity Matters is a blog dedicated towards raising awareness of birth trauma, the positive birth choices that women are entitled to make and the steps which families can take to move on with their lives after a traumatic birth. Maternity Matters will not exclude anybody. Maternity Matters will be a place for support, guidance, advice and a shoulder to cry on. Maternity Matters will strive to deliver the latest in pregnancy, childbirth and maternity news and will offer opinions, research and real life experiences.
Maternity Matters has a double meaning:
emphasising the fact that mothers and their rights DO matter
highlighting and challenging the state of maternity care in the UK.

We do not expect to make huge changes in the ways that families are treated during pregnancy and childbirth. We do hope to educate, guide and counsel families in order to help them make informed decisions and to move on from events that can be devastating.

Maternity Matters is extremely important to us. We hope that some of you will support us and contribute towards it all. We hope that we can help ladies like us and families like ours. We will post more news as it develops!

**Please contact myself or Jayne if you would like to contribute, via:
twitter @SusuRem or @jaynecrammond
by leaving a comment here or on Jayne’s blog
facebook: ghostwritermummy

13 thoughts on “Introducing Maternity Matters

  1. What a fantastic idea, well done both of you for starting Maternity Matters. I had no real choice over DD’s birth as my body started to fail her and she had to be brought to us early, but I STRONGLY support every woman’s right to birth choices. Let me know what I can do to help. Will definitely promote on Bod for tea xxx

  2. Hiya Susanne,

    I had an awful birth experience with JJ and it has taken me a long time to get over. I have never written my birth story for some reason. I am sure I probably need to and would love to contribute it to your new site.

    Mich x

  3. This is such a good idea. I had a fairly traumatic birth, and pretty awful after-care. I also had such appaling ante-natal care that I put an official complaint in to the hospital and a full investigation ensued. Women need to be cared for and listened to to a much greater degree than is apparently happening at the moment. Would love to contribute if you’re still looking x

  4. Hi Ghostwritermummy
    I’m really excited to hear about Maternity Matters.
    I just started blogging a few months ago and one of my passions which I hope to express through my blog is natural birth.
    I had a traumatic time with my first birth following induction, and then a lovely home birth the second time.
    I run an online support group for women who have experienced episiotomy, as for me the aftermath of this procedure was awful and I received no advice and support.
    Anyway i just wanted to make contact with you.
    I’m just writing a post about birth (coincidentally) so I am going to mention and link to you and Maternity Matters.
    I will also submit a recent post to the meme.
    Please let me know if there is any other way I can be involved.

    Best for now and good luck with it
    Milli Hill

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