A couple of weeks ago, I asked you for your top tips when it comes to travelling with kids. Since I now know it isn’t ok to put them in suitcases for the entire duration of a long haul flight (only JOKING!), I really appreciated all the ideas that were linked to keeping them entertained. So, as promised, here is a round up of all the fabulous tips I was given, to mark the start of my travel feature. If you’re going away this summer, you might want to pop back as I have some great travel products to review, some discounts and some giveaways. Enjoy!


Kylie at Not Even a Bag of Sugaris a bit of a long haul flight pro, coming from down under and all. Here are some of her top tips: “calpol and infant nurofen – flying can play havoc with teeth, and you don’t wanna be stuck without them *lots of little toys, I’ve got small dinosaurs, snakes, lizards, little bob the builder figurines, and put them in a small bucket or drawstring bag  *ready sterilised bottles. Joseph never uses a bottle now, except when we are flying, it really helps his ears.*change of clothes for toddler, they get so grimey on the plane*twice as many nappies as you think you’ll need – flying does strange things to bottoms!” She goes on to add, “I read something that said you need an activity for every hour. Suprising things keep little ones happy – multicoloured pipecleaners, we got a lot of mileage out of those, little furry balls etc.”

Mr Shortie (Mrs Shortie’s Mind) has a fabulous plan: “an idea I was given when we flew when AJ was 5 / 6 and FJ was 2.5 was to take some things wrapped up for on the plane (might not work with 18month old) things that they can do on the plane and will keep them ammused for a while. Kids love unwrapping things so hopefully it will keep them similing for a while. My 2 thought it was great, unfortunately I didn’t plan for the journey home!”

Another great idea from Roz: “Stickers for the 6 year old…those big sticker books with lots in them where they find the page they fit. Used to keep mine amused when travelling for ages. Download audiobooks onto an ipod or have a tape/headphones..and have one new toy as a surprise for emergencies”

(I’m really loving the idea of a surprise present for the big one, I’ve been scanning the shops already!)

SAHMLoving it has put me on to a fab soundng product- The Content & Calm TrayKit, an excellent way to keep older kids amused. Meanwhile, Jacq at My Mumdom recommends a change of clothes for everyone- another great idea.

Dorkymum swears by “little tupperware tubs of Cheerios were good, oat bars, wee Organix crisps, crackers, fruit… and we also had about some jelly babies and half a dozen lollipops that kept our son happy in security/customs queues!” and also recommends “a small plastic freezer bag with just one nappy, one bag, a mini thing of Vaseline, and some wipes in it – much easier to take that to the loo on the plane than to bring my whole bag”. Another fab idea! She also swears by magazines/ comics and sticker books and I know that the big one will appreciate that.

Baby Abroad Blog, as you would expect, also has some great suggestions. I love the idea of “toys that double up for different purposes. Stacking cups are probably my all time favourite, don’t take up much room in the suitcase, yet you can take them on the beach and in the bath. (likewise as Kylie suggested of a little bag of animals, etc doubles up too).” and also jigsaws transported in plastic bags- perfect for keeping the big one entertained for a while.

Sandy at Not Just the Blues will be relying on “removeable stickers, drawing pads, new books, ‘squeezy’ foods, a couple of small cars, sucky water bottle for take off/landing.” while Susan Eardley says that giving older kids a few pennies to spend in a shop at the airport is a good way to kill time before the flight. It also keeps the activities stocked up!

Doing it all for Aleyna recommends “Lots and lots and lots of wipes!!!” and says that a good idea is to “Get a little rucksack for your little ones each and they can use it as hand luggage and keep all their toys inside so you don’t spend the whole flight rummaging around in yours.”- I like the sound of that. She also adds another useful tip: “As soon as you get on the flight, ask for a pillow and blanket (providing they don’t already supply them) If they don’t supply, they tend to get snapped up pretty quickly.”

Finally, Tas at Not my year Off lists the following as her essential travel items: “Colouring books; Those doodly drawing board things (travel size); A trip to see the pilot (if they still let you do that kind of thing!); Pjs for the flight, may as well be comfy; Kiddie snacks; Bibs.”

I LOVE the idea of taking them both to see the pilot… if they still allow it!


Thanks so much to everyone who contributed and if you have any more ieas, please get in touch!