Travel Essentials part three: Bubblebum car seat and Sound Asleep speaker pillow

As part three of my travel with kids feature, here are two more fantastic products that are designed to make the whole ordeal experience a little easier.

Firstly, the Bubblebum car seat. This is another product that is definitely going to be taking up its rightful place in my suitcase. We’ve booked car seats with the hire car but this is still one prouct that I know will come in very handy. The Bubblebum compresses down into a small pouch and can be carried with you wherever you go. When you need to use it, you simply blow it up! Genious. It complies with all the safety regulations so it perfectly fine to use for older children who just need a booster seat. I won’t be using it for the toddler, but the big one has already put it to good use when she’s been picked up from school by other parents etc. The plan is to take it with us, stash is under the buggy and if she wants to ride home at a different time with my parents or one of my sisters, there is no need for us all to trek back to our car to change car seats. She just inflates her Bubblebum (!) and she’s away. Simple.  As always, I shall be posting a follow up review to the Bubblebum car seat once we return.

The second travel essential we have been lucky enough to review is for the big one again, although I have a feeling I may be pinching it at some point. The Sound Asleep speaker pillow is a great idea- it shapes around your shoulders and has little speakers built in close to the ears. This means the big one can listen to books on CD or any of her favourite music during the flight or car journeys. We’ve yet to try this out on a journey but the big one has tried the cushion at home and it looks like  a good fit. Its not suitable for kids under 5 so, again, the toddler won’t be using this. My only reservation is the volume of the speakers and whether or not it will disturb fellow passengers. We shall see. On the plus side, its way more comfortable than headphones so that could be a major plus. Once again, I shall be posting a follow up review.

Tomorrow I shall be letting you in on one final product, which I shall be giving away to one lucky reader. Don’t forget to pop back to find out what it is!

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