Ghostwritermummy and Bump: Last night, when I felt the baby kick

Things are starting to become more real now. The baby is moving more and my thoughts, emotions and fears are beginning to surface. I won’t apologise for the increase in birth trauma related posts. I can’t. This is my therapy, remember?

Over on Ghostwritermummy and Bump, I’ve written about association and how the baby’s movements are invoking memories. Please take a read if you have time.


Read Last night, when I felt the baby kick

5 thoughts on “Ghostwritermummy and Bump: Last night, when I felt the baby kick

  1. I don’t know if this helps at all, but I had an amazing, perfect, couldn’t-ask-for-better home waterbirth with my little girl, and as I sit here at 19 weeks pregnant, I am so afraid of ‘next time’. I think it’s natural, and while your fears might be stronger, or different to mine, they’re part of the process, are natural and are entirely, 100% allowed.

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