Chatting to my good friend @Minty_b yesterday (waterbirthplease), we found ourselves on the topic of books versus Kindles. How this linked on from the subject of Minty’s daughter deciding to talk through clenched teeth for the day( Strange Happenings) or my son’s repeated- successful- attempts at slipping out of his jeans halfway up to the slide, I’m not sure. But we do manage a few sensible conversations, you know.

Anyway, so we were chatting about Kindles and books and whether or not you can curl up with an electronic device as well as you can with a paper book. I declared the ghostwriter household as a ‘book loving family’ and remained unconvinced.

This is one of our bookcases at home:

You might notice that there are not only good old fashioned books here, but vinyl records too. Ghostwriterdaddy belongs to a diminishing set of people who still buy them these days. And he plays them regularly on the decks you might see on top. This is just one bookcase in out house and its crammed.

This is my daughter’s bookcase:

She loves books too. Here is one of her other ‘collections’:

I couldn’t take a picture of the toddler’s book case as he’s in bed right now. You’ll just have to trust me when I say that he has loads.

Our house is literally filled with books and herein lies the problem. We are running out of space! Is a Kindle really the only way to go? Defiant, I took the toddler to the library this morning. We spent a lovely hour or two reading and colouring. He was so excited to get his picture on the window and we have to bring ‘Dar’ (his sister) to see it after school. It was a lovely ┬ámorning, made all the more special by all the books.

So I’m still undecided. Do you have a Kindle or similar? What’s the big deal? Do I need to get one? I have to say that Minty posed some pretty good arguments, being a book lover herself. Maybe I need a few more opinions?