The facial hair edition…

Dear husband

I know you were delighted to have come up with such a cunning scheme. How could I ever mutter my true feelings once I knew it was for charity? It’s a pity you didn’t come up with that one the last time you became bearded. Also, can I have it in writing that said facial hair will definitely be removed at midnight 30th November and no later?

Oh, and another thing: to make me pay for the intrustion on your face is simply one more indication of your true evilness.

Yours, the wife.

Dear Facial hair,

Please stop growing. I promise that I will donate, in keeping with the ruse that it is all for charity. Failing that, please simply fall off at midnight 3oth November and no later.

Yours, the wife.

Dear Movember

I appreciate your efforts and your cause, really I do. I’m fundraising myself, you know. But- did you really have to drag my husband into it? I mean, facial hair is not my favourite thing to be honest. Is there not some other way we can raise your profile?

Yours, the wife.

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