Another day, another consultant appointment. Once again, the fact that we opted for a hospital which is not on our doorstep made for a stressful journey, but I predict that the poor driver of the overturned lorry near the Trafford Centre had a much worse day than me overall. 

Despite a 40 minute journey taking two hours, the hospital kindly re-instated my appointment and we finally got to see the consultant at 4.15, just 2.5 hours late! But it was worth it.

He won’t be performing my op but he has given me some answers as to how and where they will cut. I can’t discuss the natural c-section until the pre-op clinic in two week’s time. Oh, and he has told me to ask for him personally if they try to release me without pain relief. 

So all in all, good news. Baby still small but now head down. 

And me? I’m a little overwhelmed. Having to give swabs today for MRSA was unexpected and I left feeling a little bit like pregnancy and childbirth has no room for dignity at all. An over-reaction perhaps, but indicative of how over this pregnancy I now am. I want my baby in my arms and my children by my sides. That is all.