I can hardly believe it has only been four weeks; it feels like a lifetime.

I can hardly believe it has been four weeks; it feels like only yesterday.

Each day that passes brings something new to our little family. Each smile from her brother, each kiss from her sister, each cuddle from Daddy is so special to see. Being a family of five is a real blessing.

We’ve had a couple of wobbles. Last week, I witnessed projectile vomiting which took me back to the dark days- when reflux first entered our lives. I stayed calm… until it happened again. This time though, I refused to be beaten. I called the health visitor who reassured me and we live to fight another day. Isobel does not have reflux. Isobel is fine. Mummy is paranoid.

Yesterday we had our first screaming fit. Yes, I know how lucky I am to be four weeks in and with only one screaming fit under our belts. I’d put her in the pram to walk to school to meet The big one. I’d even taken The big one’s scooter with me. When I got to school, I discovered that Zumba was on and The big one was busy shaking her stuff until 4pm. I don’t know why, but the baby decided to ‘kick off’ then, and no amount of walking around the vicinity of school would calm her down. I never thought I would find myself breastfeeding in the school playground, but there’s a first for everything.

Following that screaming fit, I felt a little deflated and more than a little exhausted- she’d been feeding every two hours since the previous day and all through the night and I was starting to think we needed to get a dummy. Then guess what happened? She blessed us with just the one feed last night and I have spent today feeling like a new person.

Being a family of five is a learning curve. So far, the best thing about it all is seeing The big one and and the toddler reacting to her. It’s going well. It was meant to be.

Big brother, little sister