These days Google is not just a search engine; it’ s a verb. Probably a bossy one at that. You know: there’s a tough question in the pub quiz that you just know you know, but you can’t quite remember the answer… Google it. There’s a whole host of tests and referrals to children’s hospitals being thrust upon you for a mystery condition your son seems to have… Google it?

No no no no no no no no no NO!

How many of us have done it though? I imagine they laugh with glee each time somebody types in the words

What does x, y, z mean if it’s in my poo?

Because they have us then. We don’t have a tummy bug any more. We have a life threatening and rare disease which is bound to ravage our body from inside to out in a matter of days. We imagine telling our families. Oh, how to break the news?

I know Googling medical symptoms is wrong, silly and a waste of time. I know that, and yet I still did it.

Yesterday my son and I attended his regular appointment at the Children’s out patients. Believe me when I tell you that I FULLY expected us to be discharged. I’ve written before about his medical conditions (reflux and lactose intolerance) and there have been times when it’s been really bad. But it did  get better. I wrote a very optimistic post for Babyhuddle when my son was finally weaned from the meds he’d been taking since he was 8 weeks old. I thought we had finally gone through it and come out at the other end.

But I think I knew. My son has always suffered from ‘naughty’ poos. He used to get terrible nappy rash and potty training keeps looming like a horrid poo monster whenever we try it. Now that he’s talking more he tells us of tummy aches and gets scared sometimes when he moves his bowels. He is also still struggling to gain sufficient weight and he has literally no appetite most days. Unless it’s toast. Toast he likes.


My son’s consultant wants further tests and a referral to Alder Hey Children’s hospital for further investigation. And I’d entered her office with a huge smile on my face, that close to demanding a sticker for my excellent work at weaning my son from his medication all by myself. I’s honestly thought we would be referred to the dietitian and that would be it.

Apparently sugars in stool samples can be indicative of other conditions alongside lactose intolerance.

And that was the statement that led me to Google.

WHAT other conditions? What else are they testing for? What might they find? There are a whole host of medical experts out there in Google land just waiting to tell me.

That’s why I need to step away from Google.