Throughout the year there have been adverts on television telling us that there is no need to go abroad for a holiday this year. 2012 is the year of Great Britain. Holidaying on the British Isles. Even staycations have been pimped as suitable alternatives to sitting on a beach with sand between your feet. But really. Come on now. Have you seen the weather? And the amount of people who are going abroad to catch some rays? It’s all so depressing when you really can’t afford a family holiday. But are we really the only family not going on holiday this year?

It blummin well feels like it.

We’ve never been the type of family to go abroad a lot if I’m honest. As a child, my family and I enjoyed lots of foreign holidays but when I left home I realised just how expensive they were. Since becoming parents, we have only been overseas once as a family and that was last year. We don’t know when we’ll be able to afford to go again, or even whether we could face it after the series of errors made by Co-op travel. With our complaint still ongoing after ten months we’re feeling more than a little jaded about this holiday lark.

Rainy holidays

But I’m torn.I know only too well just how important family holidays are. I know that travel broadens young minds and opens up opportunities for education and stimulation that you just can’t get at home. Even a wet week in a tent is one of the most invaluable experiences a child can have. And getting away from it all can be the one thing that keeps adults going as they trudge to work and back each day. I also know how long it took me to convince Ghostwriterdaddy to get on an airoplane with two kids… now he says that it will be a very long time before he will want to fly with a certain someone again.

So it looks like holidays in Great Britain are our only hope. If only we could afford them. These days  holidaying at home seems to cost just as much as going overseas. And whilst we’ve had some lovely breaks away in England, I can’t help feeling its just not the same. I’ve already mentioned the weather, which plays a huge part in the proceedings. But its also the smaller things you get on a foreign break. It’s like being a toddler. Everything is new and exciting. Each little winding lane and shabbily chic shop is a new and fulfilling experience. At home, when you’ve seen one Asda, you’ve seen them all I’m afraid. And let’s get back to the weather just one last time shall we? True, sunshine isn’t always guaranteed when you travel out of Great Britain but… well it’s almost guaranteed, isn’t it? And when its sunny, the kids are happy to play on the beach, in the pool, or in a playground. When it’s raining, you need to have a whole host of activities up your sleeve. So you end up stuck in soft play centres or museums, which- don’t get me wrong- are fantastic places of amusement for children. But it’s not the same as being away away.

Gosh, I sound like a miserable old so-and-so, don’t I? But its really not my fault. You see, it hasn’t stopped raining since about 1998 and I’m getting more than a little fed up with it all. Tell me I’m not the only one who feels like this? Are holidays in Great Britain really worth the effort? Do we really need to get on a plane to get a decent break away from it all? Do we really need a holiday anyway? Can’t we all just keep going and be thankful we have jobs and roofs over our heads? I’m

not sure. I swing from one emotion to the other. One minute I’m sure a week in Sunny Hunny would be lovely- kids don’t care where they are, right?- and the next, I feel terribly jealous of all those ‘poor’ people who get stuck in airport queues every year. I think it’s the rain turning my brain to mush.