Ghostwriterdaddy and I have never liked DIY, for the plain and simple fact that we have never been any good at it. When we bought our first house, we lived with garish wallpaper and- *gasp*- woodchip for a good few months before we finally relented and made a trip to B&Q. We knew it needed doing but we also knew that we had very little desire to actually do it. In the end, being pregnant and staring at candy pink lumps all over the walls meant that we had to do some DIY. So what did we do?

We made all the walls white.

Or, off white to be more accurate. I even think it was classed as antique white. Well, it wasn’t candy pink woodchip at least! It also wasn’t very inspired either. We didn’t stay long as we needed more room for the baby and eventually moved into a house that had been newly decorated. Phew. From that house, we moved on to the house we are still in today and yes, that too had been newly renovated and decorated before we moved in. All very convenient for us because after ten years of marriage we are now sure- we hate DIY.

But then something happened. Something to do with a certain site where people can stick pictures of awesome home décor ideas for other people to gain inspiration from. I think you know what site I mean. All of a sudden Ghostwriterdaddy and I are genuinely pondering the practicalities of smashing a load of mirrors to smithereens in order to make a uniquely awesome bathroom floor. We want to use vegetable pallets to make book cases. We want to stick a cushion to a paving stone and turn it into a stepping stone for the garden. We want curtains made from tablecloths please! We want to take cereal boxes and turn them into picture frames; we want to make stairs that look like classic novels we should’ve read but never actually have. We want to turn our childrens’ bedrooms into mystical fairy dwellings fit for Ben and Holly and instead of stairs we want slides and zipwires. Honestly.

We want to do all of this… we are addicted to DIY.

Well, looking at other people’s DIY, that is. It’s still not really us, hanging wallpaper and all that jazz. Wonder what Changing Rooms would be like now…


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