There aren’t many photos of me on this blog, and not many more in existence actually. Since the kids came along, the lens has been pointed their way, for more reasons than one. First and foremost, I want a record of THEM. They are as they are for such a short time and it feels like I blinked and missed so much already. I want lots and lots of photos of them and how lucky we are to have digital photography! There’s no reason why we can’t have oodles of pictures of our precious loved ones. But one day… one day they might ask where the photos of me are? Maybe.

I love looking at pictures of my own mum, and my mother in law when they were younger. My mum looked so much like my little sister in so many ways, and I can see The Big One in my mother in law, without a doubt. We have a lovely picture of four generations of girls somewhere too, taken just before my Nanna died. The Big One was just 6 months old and we were sitting on the sofa- her, me, my mum and my nanna. It’s a really special picture and The Big One loves to see the lady she was named after.

Photos are special and I delete too many. In this one I look too tired and in that one I have a double chin. Why did nobody tell me my hair looked like that and when did I start looking so old? There are so many reasons why I delete, or why I hide from the camera. I’d need a whole new blog just to work through them all. Instead, I’m going to tackle it. Slowly. Self portraits are not easy to do. Perhaps I will start to move from behind the lens, perhaps not. But here is Self Portrait #1.
365_020213_self portrait