I knew it was coming and I have to say that it’s arrival wasn’t all that bad in the end. It’s just a small slip of paper, so thin that it needs careful handling in case it tears. A little like my baby girl. She is small and needs protecting. And how lucky I am to be able to do just that. With this slip of paper. An invitation to protect my child. To give her the gift of immunisation, something too many children don’t get. And that isn’t only overseas in poorer countries. It’s here too.

I’m not going to get into a debate. The MMR jabs are a personal choice and some parents choose not to adminster them. Fair enough. But this slip is something more to me today. It’s just one more thing that my daughter gets to do that other babies don’t.

It’s been a really hard few weeks for so many of us just lately and there are days that I just cannot believe that life goes on. For some, it goes on, but different. And my baby is growing. She is reaching another milestone in her little life. Jabs.

To Bella: I’m sorry! These jabs are going to hurt and you are going to cry. But I promise that it will be worth it. I promise the pain will not last and you will be safe. I will hold you, and kiss you, and protect you. Forever.