I love this picture of a picture. The original was taken one year ago and it’s now printed onto a calendar so that I can see it every day. I love it because it perfectly sums up the relationship between the kids. I love love love the way they are holding hands. But they aren’t just holding hands. They are holding on to each other. And we all need someone to hold on to.

A week and a half ago, I left my home to travel down to the other end of the country with someone I had only met once. I knew Heather from blogging and we’d chatted online a few times before, but we only really knew each other from one brief meeting at an event when we were both pregnant. Other than that, we were relative strangers. And yet we faced a three hour car journey, followed by a night at my mum’s and then.


Then we were both attending the funeral of another friend’s baby daughter. And with that we found someone to hold on to.

On the drive down to my mum’s, I realised that friendships evolve from the most varying conditions. I never imagined I would become friends with someone during such a deeply distressing time. I never imagined I would sit in tears with a woman I barely knew. I never imagined that having her hold my hand would bring me such comfort. But it did. And as we drove, we talked and we cried and we fell silent and we talked and we cried… and we became friends.

And we had someone to hold on to.

Today Jennie remarked on Twitter that she was so thankful to Matilda, her beautiful baby daughter, for bringing new friends into her life. Of course, we all wish that the circumstances were very different,  but… I guess it’s another example of baby Tilda’s legacy.

Jennie is fundraising for FSID in memory of Matilda Mae. Please support her by reading more here and by donating here. Thank you.