We were recently sent some of Welch’s new juice flavours to try and I thought I would do something a little different with them. The pre-schooler and I had been talking about cooking and how materials change when you do something to them, so I thought this review had a few potentials for exploring this a little further. First of all, this is what we were sent:

welchThe white grape and raspberry is by far my favourite flavour, but I enjoyed the others too. The rose and purple grape are both light versions which meant the flavour was very subtle and therefore appealing to the little ones. I also liked the fact that they aren’t so high in sugar (you can find out more about the nutritional values here) although we did still add a little water for the little ones.



So with our new juices to hand, the pre-schooler and I set to work making a smoothie and some ice pops so that we could enjoy the juices in a different way, and also squeeze in a little learning opportunity too.

Ice pops

We decided to use Welch’s Light Purple grape juice and Light Rose grape juice. We talked about the state of the juice (in that it was a liquid) and we talked about whether or not we could hold it in our hands. The pre-schooler knew that liquid runs through his fingers and we talked about needing to keep it in a carton so that it doesn’t spill. We then talked about what would happen if we put the juice in the freezer. The pre-schooler knew that it would be very cold (we went and felt inside the freezer to check!) and he knew that it would be cold when we drank it. He has made ice pops before but he wasn’t making the connection, so we set to task making the pops, hoping that the process would jog his memory.

We mixed the juices in a jug then carefully poured it into a jug. The pre-schooler needed help with this as the jug was heavy, but he did get chance to top up one or two moulds with a carton himself. Then we talked about what was going to happen- he knew we were making ice pops and that they were hard. So we talked about liquid freezing and turning hard in the freezer. The pre-schooler popped the lids on the moulds and we transferred them to the freezer. Unfortunately, I was unable to take a photo of the finished result before they were all eaten! A sign that they were tasty, I think!

welchs ice pops


Next we decided to make a smoothie, with the same two juices and a banana. The pre-schooler enjoyed using the blender (with my guidance) and watching the banana go all “squishy” from solid to liquid. He also enjoyed drinking it!

welchs smoothie

There are loads more recipes and ideas on Welch’s site that you could try, and also on their Facebook page too. To find out more, you can also follow them on Twitter (@Welchs_UK) as they regularly tweet recipes, ideas and healthy lifestyle tips.

For us, the new juice flavours have received a bug thumbs up and the pre-schooler enjoyed using them to create new concoctions too. A winner all round!

We were sent a range of Welch’s new juice flavours to try for review purposes only. No money has been given and all views are my own.