Paint-balling in the Tuff Spot

This weekend, our Tuff Spot arrived! HUGE hoorays! We have already done so much with it (see our snow play post) but before we did  that, we wanted to try Edspire’s fantastic paint-balling activity. With the lack of an enormous cardboard box, I thought it would work just as well in the Tuff Spot, and I’m pleased to say that it did!

This is what we did:

  • I lined the inside of the Tuff Spot with easel paper and stuck it to the sides with sellotape- this was to keep the paper still during our activity.
  • the preschooler chose the paints that he wanted to use and we talked about recent colour mixing activities we’ve been doing lately.

getting ready to paintball


  • the preschooler then decided where he wanted to splodge the paint and then helped his sister collect as many differently sized balls as they could. We used a spiky tumble dryer ball, a heavy wooden ball, marbles and lots of lighter plastic balls.
  • we talked about the different types of balls and the patterns we predicted they would make.
  • we then set to work! We rolled the balls around and through the paint. We pushed them and we talked about which balls moved better through the pain than others.
  • we talked about what new colours we were making as the paint mixed together.
  • we talked about the patterns the different balls made as they rolled across the paper.

paintballing in the tuff spot


  • we then decided to use some other materials to make patterns and started with cotton buds. This was a great opportunity for the preschooler to practise his fine motor skills and we talked about the different patterns we could make.
  • we also used our feet to explore the paint! The baby stepped into the Tuff Spot and laughed as the paint squished under her toes.
  • the preschooler also stepped into the paint and remarked at how cold the paint was. It was also ‘very very slippy’- a fact proven when he slipped and fell on his bottom!
  • the children all then used their hands to mix the paint together and create different effects and colours.

exploring the paint


This was a really fun activity and all three children spent ages making their creation. Now that the painting is dry, we are going to use it to make a long alphabet line to hang across the ceiling of our playroom.


    • ghostwritermummy
      March 26, 2013 / 9:20 pm

      It is! I recommend it 🙂

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