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We did this trifle smash a while ago, I just haven’t had the chance to blog it. But since I have been given the honour of hosting Jennie’s linky this week, I thought I finally blog it. So here it is. The Trifle Smash!

trifle smashAs always, I try to keep the baby’s sensory/ messy play as edible as possible and so to make the trifle smash I doctored the ย dish a little. I didn’t want to actually spend timeย making a trifle (although the photos would’ve been amazing!) so I took the main elements and made them baby friendly. And budget friendly!

  • I made the jelly with slightly less water than normal because I wanted a more rubbery texture that the baby could easily pick up and hold.
  • I poured the jelly into different sized/ shaped containers so that there was a variety of shapes.
  • I bought a tin of Smart Price custard (17p!).
  • I broke up a disastrous batch of flapjacks that I baked earlier that day and used them instead of sponge cake.
  • I purposefully left each element of the ‘trifle’ separate so that the baby could explore them all individually.

Before I set the Tuff Spot up, I sprinkled it with icing sugar for an extra sensory experience- it looked pretty, smelled lovely and felt divine!

trifle smash sensory playThe baby didn’t waste much time in getting stuck in! She:

  • traced patterns in the oats and icing sugar with her finger tips
  • sat inside the tray and dug her toes into the oats and sugar
  • used her toes to make patterns
  • dipped her fingers into the custard and tipped it onto her legs
  • picked up the jelly, giggling because it was cold, and smearing it onto her leg
  • studied her oat covered her hand before licking her fingers!

The sensory element of the trifle smash was amazing! Sometimes I’m not sure whether the baby sees messy play as one big meal, but she certainly does get her money’s worth! She explores all the textures, smells and of course tastes!

trifle smash tasting session


The reason why we loved this messy play session so much is simple. It was messy. There was no worrying about bibs, or sticky fingers, or messy floors. The baby had full permission to make a mess and she loved it! For me, it was a chance to sit back and watch her play, admire her curious nature and marvel at her determination to chase rolls of jelly around the tray. Now, more than ever, I know I am blessed to have her in my life and I hope that this is just the start of many more trifle smashes to come!

trifle smash making a mess


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