The kids have been outdoors! I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. I’ve invested a lot in their garden, not just this year, but every year since we moved into this house. And even before, when I used to walk The Big One in her pram around our little street, sighing and wishing so much that we could one day live here. Sometimes I still can’t believe that one day arrived!

It was the garden that sealed the deal for me. I wanted a space where my children would play, and I would grow flowers and vegetables. The house we lived in when The Big One was a baby didn’t have a garden when we moved in. I was 7 months pregnant and unable to do much, but the following spring I made up for lost time. I transformed our little paved yard into a proper garden with plants, flowers (SO many flowers) and even a little lawn. We had a conservatory that led out onto a patio area, then steps that led down to the lawned garden. On the top I grew tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines and peppers. In the garden I grew so many flowers- pink, yellow, orange. It was beautiful. But there was no space for the big family I knew we were going to have. No space to play.

The house we have now has a very big garden to the back which is classed as ‘mature’. There are lots of trees that peep over from next door, chatting with the trees in our garden. There is a lovely old crooked stone wall that is home to hedgehogs at the right time of year and there is a lovely corner where the playhouse sits. Of course, there is also now the budding sensory garDEN and the mud pie ktichen. We also have the swing set that The Big One got for her 5th birthday that the children love to play on. And that is the setting of today’s photo.

365_kids outdoors

This swing has seen some action over the years! The Big One’s 5th birthday party was held at the house when I was pregnant with the preschooler and all the children piled outside to play after their party tea. We replaced the orange seat with the blue baby seat that first the preschooler used, and now the baby uses. I am amazed it is still standing! But it is. As we are.

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