Jumping Bean Bags Club! (a review)

We’re looking at ‘ourselves’ this week, which isn’t just a fancy way of saying that we’re going to be exploring our inner souls… more, we’re going to be looking at the human body. I felt it was a nice theme to progress onto after gardening, as we’ve been talking about the things that plants need to grow, and relating them to the body too. So I thought I would start the week with our Jumping Bean Bag Club review!

Jumping Bean Bag ClubWe were sent a copy of the DVD and two ‘Beany’ bags to review, and we’ve been having a ball! We talked about the fact that we need to exercise to keep healthy, and we’ve also been talking about the different parts of our body, including the muscles and how they hold us all together! The preschooler has been learning to streeeeeeetch and we honestly had so much fun!

PE was always one of my most favourite lessons to teach at school, mainly because it provided an opportunity for squirmy children to burn off excess energy, but also because it is fantastic for certain children- at last they can blossom and show off individual skills and talents that they might not normally be able to do during a more academic lesson. For me as a parent, burning off energy and learning new ways to move the body is always welcome! The Big One has been doing gymnastics for a number of years now and the preschooler is quite keen to join her, so I thought Jumping Bean Bags might be a good place to start!

The DVD comes with ‘Beany’, a little bean bag that is designed to keep kids focused and entertained, but which is also used within many of the different routines and stretches. The site claims that the program will help children to jump, balance and learn coordination, and they do this with a combination of songs, actions, and focused skills practise. They say the DVD will:

    • Keep kids active & entertained at home
    • Make learning fun
    • Encourage active play
    • Welcome all abilities
    • Help build a child’s confidence

The preschooler loved having Beany on hand to play with him, and I found that it really did help his concentration. The DVD is split into short sessions that help children to focus, and which can be done in any order you please. We had fun sstretching, talking about the different muscles in our legs, arms and fingers. The preschooler liked the challenge of touching his toes!

jumping bean bag stretch


We also had fun balancing, jumping and bending!

jumping bean bag bend and jump


The instructors on the DVD are very friendly and the pace is slow enough for the preschooler to follow, but not too slow for him to get bored! He loved watching the moves on the screen and having a go himself! He also really loved playing with Beany. This is a great way to get the kids involved and we’ve even invented a few of our own games with him too!

jumping bean bag balance and relax with beany


At the end of the DVD, there is a relaxation section, which we have actually done on its own again a few a times. It’s a lovely way for the preschooler to wind down and he really does enjoy doing this part.

I loved the way the preschooler was fully engaged in each of the sections throughout the whole DVD and I also love the way you can pick and choose the parts you want to do, without having to skip through the parts you don’t. It also gave us the ideal opportunity for talking about keeping healthy, exercising our bodies, and taking care of ourselves. Of course, we talked about the different body parts too- neck, head, shoulders, arms, toes, bottom…

The preschooler loved being able to run about a bit, jump a bit and stretch a bit too. He feels grown up with his own gymnastics and he loves the fact that he was awarded with a badge for all his efforts too! The team behind Jumping Bean Bag Club, the Gwynne-Jones family, aim to encourage children to get moving every single day, and they also want to help build confidence in children too. And you really get that from the DVD. I know that it can be a challenge to get children up and moving some days, but the beauty of the DVD- and of course, Beany!- is that it is fun, it is in short sections, and it is easy enough for young children to follow. The preschooler is three and was able to perform all the actions easily. A big thumbs up from us!

We were sent a copy of Jumping Bean Bag Club DVD and beanbags for review purposes only. All views are my own!

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