365_porridge on tuesday

So this is a bit new. I’ve been chosen as a Porridge on Tuesday ambassador. I’m not really sure what it entails, but I do know that it’s a little bit exciting.

I have a mixed history with food and eating and dieting. Maybe one day I will blog it. Porridge on Tuesday are all about helping you work out a healthy diet and exercise plan that works for you and there are many reasons why I applied. I do not want to lose weight. A few pounds would be lovely, of course, but ultimately my aim is more than weight loss. I want to maintain my current weight, shape up a little (or a lot, depending on how you look at it!) and change my general attitudes towards food.

Next month, I will be jumping from a plane for the Lullaby Trust, as part of Matilda Mae’s legacy. I want to get in shape for that. I want to be able to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst also looking after three kids. I want me back. My body. My confidence. My happiness.

But I do not want this to be just one more diet, in a string of failed diets. I want to break that cycle. Wish me luck!


We need your help! Team Matilda Mae needs just over £1000 in sponsorship by 14th July so that we can complete our skydive for the Lullaby Trust. We are raising money in Matilda Mae’s name.  If you can sponsor us, please do so here. If you can help in another way, please get in touch!