Mega Blocks reviewThe Entertainer recently sent some toys from the Mega Block First Builders range and this week we have used them in our creative play quite a bit. We’ve had Mega Blocks for years, since The Big One was a baby, and to be honest I entertaineralways really regarded them as a toy you could just leave them to play with independently. And while that is true, there are also lots of ways that you can interact with kids and help them to make the most of them too.

The Preschooler likes to follow “extructions”, or instructions- the diagrams on the bags. He likes to try and replicate the models in the photos and he often likes to do this alone. But when I saw that The Entertainer had sent us a dumper truck, a First Builders Big Builder 60 piece bag and a First Builders ABC builder set, I knew that there was a lot more than we could be doing with them!

Our first job was to stick the letter stickers onto the blocks in the ABC set and as we did this, I asked the preschooler to mega_Firstbuilders_Logoread the letters to me. This was a fantastic way for me to assess his letter recognition (yes, yes, once a teacher and all that!). Once the letters were stuck on, we started to build words and I quickly knew that these blocks were going to be very handy indeed! With the ABC blocks we:

  • built words on top of the pictures: cat, duck, bus etc
  • found initial sounds
  • started to sound out words
  • built the preschooler’s name
  • matched initial sounds of colour names to the corresponding colour blocks

Mega Blocks ABC


The Mega Blocks Big Build pack also gave us plenty of opportunities to learn. Alongside concentration skills, developing motor skills and construction/ building skills, we were able to work on:

  • sorting- into colour groups, number groups according to how many bumps each brick has, and size groups according to whether they were tall or short. 
  • communication skills- the preschooler talked to me about how many bricks there were and how there were more yellow bricks than any other colour
  • imaginative play- the preschooler used the dumper truck to collect and sort the colours
  • problem solving- the preschooler built a number of towers and was keen to learn ways that he could build a stable tower that wouldn’t fall over.

How to play with mega blocks_ colour sorting


The great thing about Mega Blocks is that they can be brought out time and time again and played with over and over. The Big One and the baby both also love to play with them and each learns valuable skills:

  • concentration
  • problem solving
  • sharing
  • balancing
  • counting
  • sorting

Yes, you can build towers with Mega Blocks, but you can learn a lot more too!

Mega Blocks skills


I especially like the ABC blocks as I know that the preschooler and I will use these a lot in his journey towards reading and writing. I love the idea of physically building words and the fact that you can match them to the pictures is great too. So tell me: how do you play with your Mega Blocks?


We were sent these items to review. All opinions are my own.