365_ skydive

So we are really here. This is really the countdown to one of the most scariest things I have ever agreed to do. In less than a week I will be falling through the sky in the name of one special little girl.

Matilda Mae.

Her mummy wants us to speak her name. She wants us to remember her. This is a baby girl who was- IS- so loved and so wanted and so special. And so missed. Matilda’s mummy does not want you to shy away from talking about her. Don’t turn away or change the subject in case you upset her. How can anything you say possibly hurt her now?

Matilda Mae.

Nine ladies with pink and purple stars on their t-shirts. With Baby Tilda in their hearts. With the open air and the wind rushing past their faces and the ground looming towards them.
A way to tell the world that is matters.
Matilda Mae matters.
How she died matters.
SIDS matters.
Matilda’s parents matter.
Matilda’s siblings matter.
It matters.

We are jumping from a plane, for love. I could not have put it better myself, so please read Lucy’s post. I am NOT doing this because I have always wanted to experience the rush of a skydive. I am doing this because I can. Because I want to. Because I have to. I have to do what I can to raise awareness of SIDS in older babies and because I need to let Jennie know.

Jennie, you are- despite what you say!- one of the most amazing, inspirational and loving people I have ever had the honour to meet. I am so proud to call you my friend. We were brought together because Tilda died but that is NOT why we are friends. We are friends because you are YOU. And I am jumping from a plane next week because I want you to know that I will do all that I can to ensure that the legacy of Matilda Mae grows stronger and more positive each day.

Tomorrow I will be launching The Adventures of the  #MMsykdive t-shirt. Please pop by to see where we’ve been. Please use the #MMskydive #TeamMatildaMae and #MatildaMae hashtags. Please help us to raise awareness and to let Jennie know that we are here.

You can donate to the team here. Thank you!