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We were recently invited to throw a cocktail party and obviously my first reaction was a great big resounding YES! This heatwave we seem to be having lends itself perfectly to a few cheeky cocktails in my opinion, and with Ghostwriterdaddy and I celebrating our 11 year anniversary, alongside the impending Matilda Mae Sky dive, it made sense to combine the both.

The Matilda Mae Skydive cocktail party

We can’t drink alcohol the evening before the dive so unfortunately I couldn’t share the cocktails with the eight other members of Team Matilda Mae. But we did raise a glass to each and every brave lady, and each cocktail we made was specifically named. All of our ingredients were bought at our local Morrisons supermarket. And here they are:

First up was The Cloud Bouncer.

cloud bouncer cocktailThis cheeky cocktail was designed to add an element of fun to the dive, and reminds me so much of Jennie’s twins’ description of Matilda in heaven. I imagined Baby Tilda bouncing on clouds of her own and the flavours in this one were just perfect. To make it you need to:

  • fill two long glasses with ice (crushed if you fancy it and have time
  • add one measure of Bombay Sapphire gin (we weren’t scientific and we used- oh, the shame!- and egg cup to measure ours…)
  • add one measure of Bacardi
  • top up with cloudy lemonade
  • stir and enjoy!

This one is a simple, tangy cocktail with a bitter sweet edge to it. This one is so highly reminiscent of the skydive for us all. We are so elated to be able to do something to show our support and to raise money and awareness for the Lullaby Trust- but we wish it was not so with all of our hearts.

Next, we mixed up Freefallin.

freefallin cocktailThis one was my favourite and aptly named by Ghostwriterdaddy. It’s a calming cocktail, designed to evoke the feeling of serenity I am told descends on you as you fall from the plane. I’m not convinced about the calmness to tell the truth, but I think there is something in the notion of freedom. We shall be set free as we fall. To make it you need to:

  • fill to short glasses with ice and a slice of lime
  • add one measure of Bombay Sapphire gin
  • fill with apple and elderflower sparkling water
  • stir and enjoy

This is another simple cocktail with a subtle flavour. You can almost feel the breeze on your face…

Our third cocktail was the Parachute Plunge.

parachute plunge cocktail This is a more feisty drink, not for the faint hearted. It has power, packs a punch and is all that it says on the tin. To make it you need to:

  • fill two short glasses with ice and a slice of lime
  • add two measures of Bombay Sapphire gin
  • add a splash of apple juice
  • fill with apple and elderflower sparkling water
  • stir and enjoy

This has a real tang from the apple juice- the pressed juice tastes best. It’s another crowd pleaser, and a very apt way to describe some of the terror that awaits us on Saturday!

Cocktail number four’s name was inevitable. The Skydiver is dedicated towards each member of Team Matilda Mae.

skydiver cocktailThere are nine of us jumping from a plane on Saturday. One lady to represent one month of her little life. This cocktail is full of optimism and happiness. Baby Tilda was a happy little thing; you can tell this from the huge smiles on all of the photos that Jennie so generously shares with us. This cocktail reminds me that we have a task to do on Saturday, for more reasons than one. To make it you need to:

  • forget the drink named ‘Gin and Tonic. That is no more.
  • add ice to a tall glass.
  • add a slice of lime
  • add a generous measure of Bombay Sapphire gin
  • top up with ice cold tonic water
  • stir and enjoy

It’s  classic, renamed just for us.

Our last cocktail is one to put you in a state of relief. Calm. Exhilaration. The Safe Landing was our last cocktail of the evening and it was a firm favourite. In fact, it got a round of applause.

safe landing cocktail Our wonderful ground crew will be waiting for us on Saturday once we have achieved our safe landing, and I bet it feels as good as this cocktail tastes. To make it you need to:

  • add ice and a slice of lime to tall glasses
  • add two measures of Bombay Sapphire gin
  • add a dash of blackcurrant cordial (yes, really. This is to give it a pink tinge and is very  important)
  • add a dash of cloudy lemonade
  • top up with apple and elderflower sparkling water
  • sitr and enjoy

The Safe Landing was the best cocktail by far, but if you do try any of these I’d love to know what you think of them. I’d also love to know that a few of you will be raising a glass to us on Saturday and if you are able to make one of these cocktails in honour of Team Matilda Mae, please do let me know!

Matilda Mae Skydive cocktailsWe enjoyed these cocktails at home with friends and family before heading out for dinner to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Each one was very easy to make and I can tell you now that I will be making more on Saturday to celebrate the Matilda Mae Skydive. Please join us if you can!