I have tried to write this post so many times, and it still not going to be the post I want it to be. I am still struggling to find the words to describe the skydive itself. I wanted to post about the skydive chronologically anyway, so here goes.

The #MMskydive t-shirt.

mmskydive school runThis shirt has been on many adventures since it came home with me from Brit Mums. There have been numerous school runs, including one with a dinosaur. There have been day trips to Whitby Abbey and nursery fun days. There have been toddle waddles and shopping trips.

And each time I wore my t-shirt I felt so proud. So honoured to be part of a team of nine parents who were united in a bid to… what?

Bring comfort? Show support? Raise money?

All of those things.

Team Matilda Mae is a very special team. Each and every member of the team is special to Matilda Mae’s legacy and each person who wore an #MMskydive t shirt has a special place in my heart.

You helped.

You raised money.

You shouted out to the world that SIDS needs to be stopped.

You screamed to the world that babies should not simply stop breathing.

You cried to the world that families should not face this anguish.

And Jennie, when you wore your t-shirt your eyes said it all. You are broken. But maybe, just maybe Team Matilda Mae can help to pick up some pieces for you.

The #MMskydive tshirt had it’s ultimate adventure on Saturday. And this week I will put it down in words how that felt, and what happened. Until then, here is the last Adventures of the #MMskydive t shirt pictures.

Adventures of the #MMskydive t shirt: at the airfield

adventures of the mmskydive t shirt