365: 25.07.13 New body

Today I went shopping. Nowhere glamorous and with no real money in my purse. I only wanted one thing and yet I knew that one thing would not come easily. It never does. And as I stood before the mirror, wondering whether what I was trying on actually looked any good or not, my children (my daughters) happily chatted behind me. I took this photo. Not something I usually do, but I honestly was not sure about what I was wearing.

365_new body


My waist is too high and my hips are too wide. My arms sometimes look like twigs and stomach doesn’t lie flat like it used to.

I don’t have a new body. I have this one. It’s almost 36 years old and it hasn’t always been loved. In fact, it’s been loathed at times. It’s been the wrong shape. It’s been useless. It’s failed me. It’s let me down. But it’s mine.

And although it’s done all those things, I guess it has done a whole lot more too.

It’s carried three children.

It should have carried more.

It’s laboured three times.

And fell at the last hurdle.

It’s fed three babies.

It’s leapt from a plane!

It’s not a new body, and I can’t say honestly that I still wouldn’t trade it for a better, more swishy model. But these last couple of days have made me think.

I don’t have the perfect body. I hate my hips and I really hate my feet. I always hide my stomach and I rarely get my legs out. But at least I don’t have the world’s media telling me about all of the things that are wrong with me. And yes, I know I didn’t sign up for any of that and so those who did should have known that it would happen. But even if I had married into the world’s most famous family and agreed to birth the world’s most famous baby- even then, I would still deserve a little time. Not a new body, just some time.

When you have a baby, SO much is unsure. Your body doesn’t work in quite the same way as it did before. There are noticeable changes that take place because you grew another person inside of you. And isn’t that what we should be thinking about? Coming home from the hospital should be momentous because you have your baby and you are looking forward to welcoming that baby into your home, into your life. It should not mark the start of a weight loss regime to get a new body.

Who wants a new body? I’ve got one and sometimes I think it’s ok.

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35 thoughts on “365: 25.07.13 New body

  1. Here, here! We have to make the most of what we have and boycott articles and magazines talking about her weight loss regime! So sad!

    • I saw the offending magazine today and it really is awful! I was so pleased that Kate did not shy away from her baby belly after giving birth and I hope she realises that lots and lots of women are going to be looking to her. I really hope she does not lose the weight too quickly xx

      • I really do think that you look fabulous, I think that you have some rather fabulous curves in that outfit, which is a good thing! And what’s better is that Eva and Bella are seeing a mummy who is comfortable with herself.

        Thanks for linking up to Project 365 linky.
        TheBoyandMe recently posted..365 #30My Profile

        • Thank you. I took the photo because its not an outfit I would normally wear, at least not in that way anyway. But I think I am reaching the point where I am realising I am what I am so that’s that.

    • Thank you! I think after having children, your body no longer really feels like your own. And when it doesn’t look the same, and your clothes feel different, its hard to accept that you aren’t the same person you were before. If that makes sense!

    • With this post? I would be honoured to. I think that for me there are years worth of feeling inferior to break through before I feel good about myself, but I am a lot better than I used to be

    • Yes I think the pressure women in the spotlight must feel is just awful. I’m so glad nobody cares what I look like!

    • There is so much pressure on women and even more so after having children. I agree, we should make the most of what we have

    • Its such a shame we are brought up to believe unrealistic bodies are what we should be striving for. It doesn’t make you any happier

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