Looking at the world from a different view: Porridge on Tuesday update with reader offer!

Porridge on TuesdayBack in June, I became a Porridge on Tuesday ambassador. If you’re not sure what Porridge on Tuesday is, please take a look at my other posts here. You will see that my reasons for becoming an ambassador may differ from the other wonderful bloggers that are also treading this path with me.

It’s  slightly complicated for me. I tried to explain my motivations in the post I wrote for the Porridge on Tuesday blog, Every day Healthy. I am constantly battling against what is right and manageable for me, and what will probably damage my children. I am trying to break cycles that have been in place since I was a small child. I am trying to look at the world from a different view.

So how have the last few weeks been for me?

I *think* I am starting to see changes. Small changes that are massive for me. Maybe it is the fact that I am getting close to the wrong side of thirty, or maybe it is because I have more pressing issues weighing down on me- more pressing than whether or not I will still be a size 10 when I reach the age of forty. Maybe the fact that I want my daughters- yes, my daughters are the ones I worry about. My son, I feel, will be fine- to love themselves. To be confident. To have an easier childhood than I did. To know nothing about diets and guilt and eating disorders. Maybe that is more important than deleting photos that show me with a double chin…

  • The first thing I have noticed since starting the Porridge on Tuesday program, is that my ideas about portion control have been massively challenged. I was brought up to always finish every last mouthful and to waste food was a crime. Fair enough; I still hate to waste food, but if you don’t over pile your plate you aren’t going to waste anything. The first meal I cooked on the program was an eye opener. I honestly thought that there was no way it would be enough. Obviously, it was. Portions are so important. I will eat and eat until I feel sick and guilty and ashamed and then I will eat some more.
  • still  start Mondays with a vague notion of starving myself because I have over indulged at the weekend. But that feeling of dread is starting to become a little less, I think. Along with portion sizes, I have learnt that it is actually OK to eat. I know, just writing that sounds silly. And it is silly. Without food, we would not survive and yet food is one of my biggest enemies. Still. Porridge on Tuesday is not a ‘cure’. But it is a support.I'm making small changes on the Porridge on Tuesday plan
  • My plan tells me I need to snack two times a day. It tells me I have to eat carbohydrates- the food stuff I have considered evil for the last ten years or so!- and it tells me that if I do this, and I exercise, I will not gain weight. So I don’t need a computer to tell me this exactly, but having it there in black and white helps me.
  • Lastly, I want to tell you about the recipes. I don’t like cooking. I find it hard to think of new ideas for meals and I struggle to find the time most days too. The kids always have a cooked  meal, but sometimes I am happy to just have a sandwich. What I like about the Porridge on Tuesday plan is that you can plan your meals, do your grocery shop, and have something different every day. And if you don’t fancy what is on the menu and you have mushrooms that need using up, just type in mushrooms and a selection of recipes pop up. You can also save your favourite recipes and have them appear in your weekly plan too. I find the recipes inspiring and *whispers* may actually be starting to enjoy cooking…

So how am I doing? I am doing ok. I am running. I am eating healthier most of the time. BUT I am allowing myself to indulge in treats with a conscience that is a little clearer than it used to be. And I am starting to understand me. I am even starting to like me a little, too.



*To celebrate looking at the world from a different view, I have an exclusive reader offer from the lovely Elaine, creator of Porridge on Tuesday. She says:


If you struggle with healthy eating, this could be the offer for you to look at. Whether you are dairy-free, meat-free, gluten-free, vegan, or (like my mum) just plain fussy this plan will provide you with healthy and interesting eating plans that will keep you inspired by the food you are enjoying.Exclusive reader offer for Porridge on Tuesday

A 12-week healthy eating plan with a choice of calories ranging from 1,250 to 1,750 calories a day, that you can make suit your own goals.

This is normally £30.00 but as a special off to the readers of this site you can buy it for £19.95, saving 33%.



Simply visit our tiny little shop here



(link: http://porridge-on-tuesday.myshopify.com/collections/shop/products/the-twelve-week-plan) to take advantage of this offer.

Every week you will receive

  • A full menu plan with breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks
  • Recipes for all meals
  • A Personal Shopping list
  • A suggested Exercise plan
  • Support via a closed Facebook group to help you achieve your goal

Additionally, you can:

  • Browse our recipe library for inspiration and change anything in your plan
  • Enter your own meals to into a personal food diary
  • Eat the way you do in everyday life, with the same breakfast, even the same lunch

You will be able to change your plan to suit whatever life throws your way with access to a library with more than 200 breakfasts, 650 lunches, 925 dinners and 150 snacks. You can also add in your own meals and exercises, making this a very personal way to enjoy healthy eating.

Choose your daily calorie allowance to suit your own personal goals:

  • Aim for up to one pound a week with 1750 calories
  • Choose between 1 & 2 pounds a week with 1500 calories
  • Go for broke with 2 pounds or more a week & 1250 calories

You don’t need to start your plan straight away; in fact I actively encourage a little pre-planning to get you on the right track.


  1. August 19, 2013 / 10:22 am

    Oops that posted quicker than I was ready.
    Meant to also say- changing ingrained eating habits is awfully hard.
    Monika recently posted..The magic of Lake BalatonMy Profile

  2. August 23, 2013 / 10:05 pm

    Oh honey, this sounds fabulous. I

    ‘ve met you and even before that from following you, lady let me tell you, you are STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL and so slim. I so want you to believe it and see what we all see. You will get there.

    I understand though (and have felt it so much as a child/teen/adult), we are bombarded with so much pressure from media, society, ourselves and I think it’s all about relearning the negativity, telling ourselves we are great and finding a way of eating/life that works for us.

    As someone with PCOS, I have to work hard to get/ stay slim. It’s taking time to lose baby weight but I’m getting there slowly and doing it healthily (body and mind). I know low GI food is best for me and really finding the blood type diet works for my body. Noticed much more well being and not that different from what is recommended for me from DR’s as someone with PCOS.

    Sending you huge hugs and always here for you xxx
    Honestmum recently posted..Not Broody, BabyMy Profile

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