This summer, we were invited to spend £9.99 at the 99p store in a bid to have a Summer of Fun. We actually managed to get quite a haul with our vouchers, and we really have had a summer of fun with it all! This is what we bought:

We had a summer of fun with 99p stores!


The sketch pads were used immediately. The Big One used hers to design her boat for the Tots100 challenge and we also used it for an art activity that’s coming up later in the post. The paintbrushes have also been used a lot this summer and are a welcome addition to the collection! So what did we do with the rest of the stuff?

We used some of the rubber car mat and one of the bath puffs to create a sensory corner on the busy fence and saved the rest for some textural art.

Textural art

The Big One loved this experimental art project. We used sketch pad paper , the rubber car mat, a bath puff and some of the string. We taped a piece of the car mat onto the paper and used paintbrushes to brush over the little squares. We started with purple, and moved the brush in long strokes, a little like ‘taking a pencil for a walk’. The Big One had to concentrate on keeping the brush steady and taking her time as the rubber mat was a little tricky to paint over at first.

We painted over the rubber car mat


We then added other colours, taking care not to mix the paints and to keep the rubber mat still.We painted over the rubber car mat, taking care to keep colours seperate

When we lifted the car mat from the paper, we were delighted to see that the mat was just as pretty as the paper underneath! When we held the mat to the light, it was almost like a stained glass window in effect, so we decided to let it dry then hang it in the windows of the play room. Then we moved on to creating more texture for our painting.

We started with string. We dipped it in the paint and arranged it on top of the painting. Then we used different materials to print over the top- bath puffs, folded up pieces of car mat, even our fingers. We wanted to create as many different effects as we could! The end result was colourful, vibrant and very summery we thought!

We used a rubber car mat, bath puffs and string to create textured art!


And that wasn’t the end of our 99p summer! We had more uses for the string up our sleeves! The preschooler had been asking for a Super Hero party for quite a while and I found a great idea on Pinterest for a game we could play. Unfortunately his birthday is near Christmas, and the game is an outdoor game, so I decided we should have a Super Hero afternoon instead! We invited @Minty_B, @sahmlovingit and @Hollybobbs round to join in!

The first thing I did was to set up the laser beams/ spider’s web. This was easy and SO much fun! All you need is one ball of string and a few items to wind it around- I used the swing, the table, a tree, and so on. I kept the string as tight as I could and criss crossed the entire garden. When it was ready, the kids were under strict instructions not to touch the beams or their legs would be zapped! This was a great exercise in concentration, gross motor skills, balance and problem solving. Even the babies got involved, working out that they could toddle underneath the lasers. It was also a great way to get the kids up and moving a little more!

We had a super hero afternoon!


You can see from the picture that we also had costumes hanging up ready for our guests, hidden soft toys that needed to be rescued, and an exclusive Kapow! canvas painted by the Big One!

The kids loved dressing up and playing in the garden as super heroes. Every now and then I asked them to rescue an animal and the super hero that managed to find it won a prize!

The kids loved playing in the super hero costumes


We also tried our hand at rescuing some super heroes…I froze small plastic super hero figures in foil trays overnight. Then I filled squeezy bottles and water pistols with warm water and challenged our little super heroes to rescue them! We also used toy hammers for some bashing too. Good old fashioned ice and water play.

We froze super hero figures in small foil trays so that our super heroes could rescue them!


So that was our 99p summer of fun. And we still have lots left to do!





    • ghostwritermummy
      September 5, 2013 / 7:57 pm

      It was great fun!

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