I love Autumn- time to buy new boots!love Autumn. Don’t get me wrong, summer is fine, but I love Autumn. I love the colours, the smells, the crisp bite to the air. And yes, I love the clothes. There is something special about wrapping up in warmer clothes and taking a walk through fallen leaves. I love collecting conkers, picking blackberries and watching my breath swirl in the air. And, if it’s not too shallow to admit, I also love the shopping.

For me, summer shopping is just not as enjoyable. There seem to be reams and reams of bikinis and strappy shoes and little dresses that, let’s face it, we rarely get the weather for. So this summer was somewhat of an exception, but still. Autumn is so different. We know we’re going to need the jeans, the thick jumpers and the appropriate footwear. Which leads me nicely to my point.

It’s time to stock up on your Autumn boots, people!

Autumn boots are different to winter boots. Autumn boots are the ones you choose for both style, comfort and frivolity. They are the boots you choose when the weather is not too snowy or too wet and just Autumny enough. This season’s ankle boots are really doing it for me too. I’m loving this particular nod to the masculine 90s because I just love a good pair of Autumn boots, and this season really has not disappointed.

So, what are the best boots around for those of us not able to afford designer prices? I love the highstreet round up on I Time to stock up on your Autumn boots!am into This each Friday and this week features some little ankle boots that are definitely on my wish list. This blog is fab if you want to know exactly how to wear your boots this season too. I also love these little boots from New Look- perfect for adding a bit of length to your legs, if you need it that is. And for a bargain? Asos, naturally, have it covered. I love these boots that are on sale right now at a ridiculous price!

But which boots made it home with me? In the end I went for a pair with a few little touches that set them apart from others- the sock cuff and gold tipped laces did it for me and you can see from the picture that the baby likes them too!- but I also needed some that would allow me to walk the school run in comfort. River Island came up trumps for me this time, but who knows? Maybe there is room in the shoe cupboard for some of these little beauties at Top Shop too?

So come on- it’s time to stock up on your Autumn boots, but which pair will you go for?

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