Time for a Spring-Autumn clean

Does anyone else ever find the need to ‘Spring clean’ in Autumn? There’s something about dusting off the Summer to me, I’m not really sure what it’s all about. But as the weather changes, I find myself wanting to guard my family against the cold a little more. Yes, the heating goes on, the boots and thick coats reappear and the summer clothes are packed away. But it’s more than that too.

A ‘Spring-Autumn clean’ sees my husband and I getting more jobs done around the house. We change all the duvets on all the beds, replacing the summer togs with the Winter togs. We paint. We get the boiler serviced. We strip the garden and apply weed control and Autumn treatments. We prepare the house for the long Winter we know is coming. This year we’re going a little further.

We want to sort the garden in our Spring-Autumn clean

We want to sort the garden in our Spring-Autumn clean

New bedrooms. Most need a lick of paint, and they all need new furniture. The Big One has a double bed and during a recent enthusiastic bouncing session, she informed me that her mattress needed replacing. So that’s on the list. But it’s not as easy as you would think! I swear by Memory foam mattresses but she says they aren’t good enough for bouncing. Bouncing is important to nine year old girls you know.

Alongside mattresses, which we’ve been looking at intensely just lately, we need wardrobes for the children. Places like this have many but somehow none of them seem quite right. I wonder if I am alone in feeling online shopping is not conducive for furniture shopping? How can you swing doors closed and check the storage space inside a drawer,or whether little fingers are likely to get trapped from the comfort of your own home? But I digress…

Our Spring-Autumn clean has this year extended beyond the house and I now want to make the most of our garden over Winter too. This year it was so lovely to throw open the back doors in the morning and let the kids play as they wished in the garden all day. Now that the weather has turned though, I need to get it sorted out there. We need some kind of flooring for the side of the garden that ends up as a mud pit. Something like this would be wonderful. I also want to invest in a wooden climbing frame and swing to replace the old metal one we already have and I want the garden to be a wonderful space where the children can learn and play no matter what the weather. I love the stuff here.

Whatever we end up doing, I know it will be big. This year the Spring-Autumn clean bug has me bad!

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