My mum used to have a phrase that she would pull up from the archives when we were lucky.

“You don’t know you’re born!”

she would say, if we were complaining about the lack of the latest designer trainers, or the fact that we only had the basic Sky package on the TV. I never really understood the meaning of the phrase until I was a lot older.

You don’t know you’re born.

I haven’t used it with my children yet, but it’s often there, on the tip of my tongue. It’s the little things. The little things that make a life comfortable. It’s not the satellite dishes or the games consoles or the latest in designer footwear. It’s not the must have handbag or the flash car. These aren’t the things that save our lives, or even make our lives. These aren’t the things that we truly¬†need.

The things that we truly need are those that we take for granted.

A flushing toilet.

2.5 billion people live without safe access to one.


So, almost two fifths of the global population are living without proper sanitation. So people are dying because they are not living the same quality of life as you and I.

So, what can we do?

Tell a friend. Support Domestos and Unicef’s campaign for global sanitisation.

When you flush the loo, think of those who cannot do the same. Sometimes you just don’t know you’re born.
Please take a moment to watch this video. Thank you