think the title of this post is slightly misleading actually. You see, before Christmas rolls around, we have a whole load of birthdays to get through too. Three of them are in December, including the preschoolers. So while this is a post aimed at telling you about our experiences with Rakuten’s in anticipation of Christmas, we actually used them for birthday presents. Does that make sense? Jolly good…

We were given £80 to spend online at Rakuten’s and I jumped at the chance to get something a little special for the preschooler’s 4th birthday. I’m aware that the site is best known for CDs and DVDs and I have to admit that I expected to buy a load of said items for this review, but when I logged on and registered I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not just CDs.

Did you know you can buy clothes, toys and books too? You can buy sports and outdoors items. You can buy home and garden, health and beauty… In fact, whatever you can get on Amazon, you can pretty much get at Rakuten’s and I I had no idea. And the best part? Free delivery. So where you often pay through the nose to get small items delivered through other online marketplaces, even big items can be sent without a charge. That certainly appealed to me when I ordered the preschooler’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Underground lair/ sewer play set. Oh yes. We’ve gone all 90s old school in this house…

A ninja Christmas with Rakuten's

The toy section on Rakutens is awesome. And all items on the site are sold by merchants so you can browse for the best deal too. I ordered the turtles play set for just £95, which was the cheapest price I could find online and in store. I also ordered the four figures and each were around £10 which again was the cheapest around. And all free delivery!

Once you add items to your basket, you can keep shopping until you’re ready to pay and then you can either use super points (which are credited to you through previous orders. Certain items can earn you more super points than others) or pay by card and at this point I need to tell you to make sure you enter your card details correctly! I did not. But at least I get to tell you how Rakuten’s deal with that…

I received an email within minutes to tell me that my details needed checking. I logged in to my account and stupidly could not see what needed amending, so I assumed all was ok. After you’ve ordered, you can check the status of your order so that you can track delivery dates and times etc. A few days later I did just this and saw that my order was still being processed. Uh oh. I fired a quick email to customer services who came back to tell me that some details were missing from my bank information. I updated my account and that same afternoon my order status had changed. The next day I received an email saying that my order was on it’s way and the day after that the turtles sewer set turned up via courier, within the one hour time frame they promised. Impressed.

Now, if someone could come and set up the damn thing, that would be great!Rakuten's

The rest of my order followed shortly and the preschooler’s birthday is now all ready to go. Would I use Rakuten’s again? Well, yes. I earned super points with this order, and I also signed up for shopper’s benefits too which will be applied with my next order. For free, fast delivery, cheap deals and lovely customer service I really cannot complain at all. I will be completing some of my Christmas shopping here too, just as soon as all the birthdays are done and dusted!


We were given £80 to spend at Rakuten’s only. All other monies were paid by myself for my order and all opinions are my own.