Letters to Matilda Mae

This week begins a countdown.

One year.

One little life.

One family, destroyed.

One community, stunned.

One heart that stopped beating.

One more baby added to the list of senseless deaths; life at it’s cruellest.

On February 2nd 2014 it will be one year since Matilda Mae went to sleep and did not wake up. I would like you to read Jennie’s letter to her baby: Dear Matilda, the night we found you sleeping. And, with Jennie’s blessing, I would like you write a letter to Matilda Mae too. I know that this little life has touched so many and I know that so many of us want to let Jennie know that she will never be forgotten.

Please link up your posts here so that Jennie can read them in her own time. Please also use the #MatildaMae hashtag if you are on Twitter. Thank you x

Letters for Matilda Mae

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