Return of The Bump: early pregnancy symptoms at 6 weeks

Yuk. Yuk, yuk, yuk.

Early pregnancy symptoms suck. Only one other pregnancy started this way and so early on for me, and that was The Preschooler. The Big One’s pregnancy was sickness/ nausea free and The Toddler’s sickness only started around 8 weeks and lasted just until around 14 weeks. Today I am 6 weeks +2 and symptoms are rife.


There are a few reasons why the experts tell me my stomach feels as though I’ve been on board a ship sailing a rocky ocean. Surges of estrogen and HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin- levels of which rise and what is detected by the sticks to determine pregnancy) are both culprits but so is the fact that EVERYTHING smells so strong! I can smell the handwash I’ve just washed my hands with and it is making me want to throw my arms out. I chose it because it smelled so lovely but now it is the devil. Apparently this is caused by surging estrogen too. Lucky me. Also causing nausea right now is tiredness. I am not sleeping well and maybe I am now in a bit of a cycle as I cannot sleep well due to feeling queasy. Oh, the joys!


Already. Lovely. Of an evening I am so bone crushingly tired that my eyes will not stay open past 8.30 pm. But once in bed my mind is racing, my stomach is churning and sleep is far far away laughing at me. I’m not ready for more sleepless nights just yet!

What else is happening:

I still haven’t booked in to the GP yet. In my defence The Toddler has been poorly this week and with Ghostwriterdaddy working away I am unable to leave her to do so. I think also I am unwilling to admit that this is really happening… I don’t want to make it official yet. Feeling so ill doesn’t help as I want to hide away with a sick bowl forever…

The baby is probably just fine right now though. The size of a poppy seed, apparently. Forming arm and leg buds with a perfect ( I hope) little heart drumming away inside. It is still so amazing to think that all of that is happening right now. There are no real changes on the outside. I still look the same. I am still me.

Return of The Bump- early pregnancy symptoms at 6 weeks~


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