Return of The Bump: pregnancy week 7

Today I ‘registered’ my pregnancy with the GP and have been referred on to the midwife. He has also sent a letter to my hospital of choice (which is not the local hospital the midwife will refer me to) and I am all officially in the system at last.

And so it begins.

Low blood pressure again. Prescriptions for anti sickness medications, dioralyte and vitamins. Papers and forms to fill. A provisional due date of 12th November. Advice to eat more and drink lots. No coffee. No alcohol. No smoking. The poppy seed needs me hydrated, happy and strong. And that is the least I can do.

I’m not sure why I feel so drained now. But I do. Drained. Tired. Scared. This pregnancy- dare I say it- is very familiar so far. The sickness, the strange feeling of dread at the pit of my stomach. That feeling you get when you can’t quite put your finger on the reason why you’re feeling so out of sorts…

Physically, I have been better. The last few days have mainly been spent throwing up or feeling as though I’m about to throw up. I am hoping against hope that the mediation helps me to feel slightly more normal soon. My GP has given me strict instructions to eat more because my blood pressure is low and I’m prone to fainting; he’s also told me to drink lots and prescribed dioralyte to balance everything out.

As for the poppy seed? Its only 5 weeks since conception but its already 10 thousand times bigger than that day. Eyes, nostrils, lips and teeth buds are forming. The brain is developing at 100 cells per minute. The poppy seed is the size of a blueberry now. Limb buds are getting longer. Legs getting ready to kick and to prod. Liver beginning to form, ready to produce red blood cells. Kidneys getting ready to produce urine. All of this happening so fast and yet I am still me. I still look like me.

Return of The Bump: week 7~

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