Return of The Bump: 8 weeks pregnant- we’re going to be ok

Yes, the morning sickness is still here. Yes, it is still lasting ALL day. Yes, I am waking with swollen fingers and a bursting bladder. Yes, there is no food in the world that tastes or smells as good as frozen raspberries, still. And yes, the poppyseed is still there, nestled safely and hopefully growing well.

We’re going to be ok.

Last weekend was Mother’s Day. The children- especially The Big One- were excited about it. They all made cards at school/ preschool/ nursery and gave me little gifts to make me smile. But Ghostwriterdaddy made me cry. His gift was perfect. All he has been thinking since we found out about the poppy seed. All that has been through his mind as he has been worrying about cars and bedrooms and finances and poorly wives. We’re going to be ok.

return of the bump- the fantastic four- we're going to be week the poppy seed is the size of a raspberry, 0.5 inches long. Much of this size is all head- lots of brain building in that tiny raspberry. Nerve cells are starting to awaken and connect and soon will transmit messages from the brain to the body. Arms and legs are getting longer, stronger, more developed. Ready for the kicks and squirms I’m actually quite desperate to feel once more. I never thought I would feel that again, or even miss it. Cartilage and bones are starting to develop… this is really happening! The poppy seed even has an upper lip now; a nose is starting to form. It is starting to look like a baby. A person. The beginnings of the fantastic four.

The poppyseed’s heart has now divided into the right and left chambers and is beating at 150 beats per minute. At this stage of pregnancy amniotic fluid should be increasing by two tablespoons per week, allowing enough room for baby to move. I should have the beginnings of a bump soon…

but for now I am still me. I still look like me. I am 8 weeks pregnant.

return of the bump- 8

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