Messy dinosaur exploding volcano play!

This activity is one that we actually did a few months ago, towards the end of Autumn when our conkers were still shiny and new- but you don’t need to use conkers. Any kind of sensory material for your dinosaur land is fine- cereal, moon sand, sand, rainbow rice, etc. The important element in this activity is the volcano and for that you need shaving foam, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. And lots of imagination! Which is what I’m going to ask you, dear reader to employ too. The photos on this post are not amazing. They were taken with my iphone since my camera was missing on this day, and so the quality is not amazing. I’ve done what I can and I hope you can see what fun we had!

Messy dinosaur play with exploding volcano!

Dinosaur play and the exploding volcano~ set up this activity we arranged our conkers as the base for our dino land. The conkers were a totally different material in this kind of play and The Preschooler loved having them there. They made the terrain very rocky! We also used a bright red silicone jelly mould as our volcano- we’d already used this for the blancmanche volcano at his 3rd birthday party so it was familiar to him. We set up the dinosaur figures and added shaving foam to the mould so that it looked really volcanic! The Preschooler loved being in charge of set up and it was lovely to see his enthusiasm growing as he did.

Next, we indulged in a little sensory play. The shaving foam is always a big hit with both The Preschooler and The Toddler so they were more than happy to play like this for a while.

Dinosaur play and the exploding volcano~ what I really wanted to try was the exploding volcano! This was so simple to do. We topped up the volcano with more shaving foam, tipped in some bicarbonate of soda (about a table spoon) then added vinegar. The children were delighted when it started to fizz, and to flow over and down the sides “like a real volcano!” We still need to perfect the ratios for the ultimate volcano I think, and I’ve heard that popping candy makes a great addition as you then get crackling sounds too. But for a first attempt we were very impressed!

Dinosaur play and the exploding volcano~ children played for a while, adding more little piles of bicarb and splashes of vinegar, until the foam began to dissolve and we decided it was time to tidy up… then The Preschooler found some toy cars and made a wonderful observation. The Tuff Spot looked like a snowy road! It even sounded like that too, as the bicarb had left a gritty substance that crackled under the car’s wheels.

The Preschooler made tracks and patterns in the ‘snow’ and our play was instantly extended- from exploding volcanoes to snowy tracks! Of course this was the perfect opportunity to practise some mark making and name writing practise and a lovely example of how children’s imaginations can lead you anywhere!

Dinosaur play and the exploding volcano~



25 thoughts on “Messy dinosaur exploding volcano play!

  1. This looks like fun! My kids are really into dinosaurs and I am trying to convince hubby to make an exploding volcano with them, they would love that! Mel #SharewithMe
    Mel recently posted..Chorizo PastaMy Profile

  2. WOW that looks amazing. I find myself saying WOW alot today reading all these great posts. I love a good messy play if it’s not in my home haha I am really trying to learn to let the kids be more creative and get messy. πŸ˜‰ It’s a process. They are still young. I need a room that they can just destroy hahaha Thank you so much for sharing this with Share With Me. I love the photos looks like fun all around. And very messy!!! lol Buba would have loved the last bit with the cars. He would do anything for cars. #sharewithme
    Jenny recently posted..Jiggly Giraffe Book & Rattle ReviewMy Profile

  3. Another great sensory play session you’ve shared. I’ll have to try something similar when Poppet is older. She might well be a fan of dinosaurs, she has crawled over and played with the dinosaurs at play group the last two weeks! I love how you made the volcano explode.
    Claire recently posted..Sensory play for babies – jellyMy Profile

    • Yay- we love dinosaurs in this house! We’re going to re-do this one with popping candy so it explodes even more!
      x x

    • Mostly pinterest, but now and then I come up with them myself. Years of being a teacher and a teacher’s daughter I think!
      x x

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