Return of The Bump: 9 weeks pregnant

Today I am 9 weeks pregnant with baby number 4. I’ve been back to the GP for a change in meds, since the last two weeks have not proven easy at all. The current medication I’ve been prescribed make me terribly drowsy so can only be taken at bedtime; for the most part of the day I am literally begging time to fast forward so that I can sleep, and end the constant raging nausea. So the new medication, Metoclopramide, is sitting ready for me to take when the sickness takes hold once more.

Feeling so sick for so much of each day is starting to take its toll. I’m finding it hard to stay positive when even walking sets my stomach churning, and the very thought of water makes me gag. But I’ve been checked and all seems fine; it is just morning sickness and I’m hoping it eases soon. But at least the sickness is distracting me from the farce that is developing around me in the form of paper work…

My GP has referred me to the hospital where The Toddler was born, not the same hospital where The Big One and The Preschooler was born. They have received the referral and I am to expect a letter with scan dates etc very soon. They like to do the first scan between 11 and 13 weeks, as they do the nuchal fold tests then too. Last weekend letters turned up from both my local hospital, and another hospital in the area, both with different appointment dates and details on them. As of yet, I have no appointment at my chosen hospital and my confidence in it all is fading fast…

I know that this pregnancy is soon going to be classed as ‘high risk’ purely for the fact that I have had three previous c-sections. I know that I am going to have to agree to consultant care and I know that as the pregnancy progresses, it becomes more and more important to have faith in my medical team. I am trying not to think too much about the mix up at this stage; I need to believe that all will be ok eventually.

Meanwhile the poppyseed is now the same size as a green olive and has entered the foetal period.

Bye bye embryo.

Baby’s heartbeat has grown and developed enough to be both audible and visible on an ultrasound. This week new organs are appearing- the liver, the spleen and the gall bladder are all on their way. The diaphragm is also developing and the tiny arms and legs are now moving, making spontaneous moves that I won’t feel for a while. And while I don’t feel all of that activity inside, I don’t look any different either. I am still me, I still look like me.

Return of the bump 9 weeks~

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