Return of The Bump: 11 weeks pregnant

Today I am 11 weeks pregnant and a tiny step closer to getting it all out in the open. Literally. I am running out of things to wear that are loose enough to look both loose and like I am wearing a loose top rather than trying to hide a growing bump. And I have to admit that I now have a bump. See?

return of the bump 11 weeks


None of my other pregnancies have boasted a bump so soon and yet this one is popping in the first trimester! I am not sure what is happening but I do know that I will not be able to hide it for much longer. Its also frustrating that my hospital appointment on Friday is only to book in, and not to have a scan. I am prepared to pay for a private scan but Ghostwriterdaddy (rightly) maintains that we are entitled to a good NHS service and he wants to wait for the date before we decide. I am hoping we get a date before he goes back to London!

This week the poppy seed has grown to the size of a caterpillar (!) and is around 2 inches long! Facial bones are completely formed now and facial features are well defined. The poppy seed now looks like my poppy seed. Hair follicles are sprouting and skin is thickening. The poppy seed is practising yawning, chewing and swallowing. This week the heart is beating around 120-160 beat per minute and lots of movements are happening deep within as spins, somersaults and stretches are the norm at this stage too. And you know what? I am sure
I can feel some of those movements too.

My pregnancy symptoms continue to rage on. The sickness is manageable but I find that a disturbed night with The Toddler or having to get up for the bathroom can mean the next day is a total write off. The tablets definitely help, but the nausea is as strong and debilitating as ever. I am hoping against hope that it eases soon and doesn’t last as long as it did with The Preschooler. Having read up on severe morning sickness and Hyperemesis Gravardium, I know that I am incredibly lucky to have a GP that is happy to prescribe medication so early on in the pregnancy. Lots of poor women have to be hospitalised before medication is given so I am holding on to the fact that my GP believes in prevention rather than cure.

And as for the bump… I don’t really look so much like me any more. There is a definite roundness to my shape now.

return of the bump 11 weeks~

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