Return of The Bump: 12 weeks pregnant

I am 12 weeks and one day pregnant with baby number 4. And turning a corner perhaps? After speaking to the midwife last week at the hospital, I was advised to try and limit how many tablets I was taking for the sickness. At first, I was silently a little outraged. I’d like to see that midwife trying to get through the day with wave after wave of nausea crashing through her body after simple tasks.But with Ghostwriterdaddy at home, I thought I would try. It is now 4 days later and I am on only 1 tablet a day, rather than 3 which is amazing! Other changes have been put into place- I am resting, and I am eating well. I’ve even started exercising again, which proves how much better I’m feeling.

Of course, feeling better only makes me worry that something is wrong and in some sadistic way I want the sickness back how it was (it hasn’t gone completely and as I write this I wish I had bothered to get the repeat prescription today after all) so that I know I am still pregnant. With over a week until my scan, I am feeling more and more anxious to find out that all is ok.

This week the poppy seed is now the size of a large plum. Most of the ‘systems’ are in place and things are busy practising for real life. Bone marrow is making white blood cells ready to fight germs; hormones are being produced by the pituitary glands that will one day, hopefully, make me a grandmother! Changes are occurring in my body too. Being prone to low blood pressure and dizzy spells doesn’t help when it comes to raised progesterone levels which insists on making things even worse. The good news is, though, that nightly trips to the loo are not as necessary as they have been and this is good!

And me? I am forming a plan regarding the poppy seed’s birth. I am arming myself with knowledge and I am building my body, mind and spirit ready for it all. And I am nurturing a little bump too. I can hide it from those who don’t know yet, but I’m not sure for how much longer!

return of the bump 12 weeks~

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