Frugi clothing for older kidsWe were recently asked to review some clothing from Frugi, this time for The Big One, which made a refreshing change! So many of the lovely online retailers I know cater to little ones only so it’s lovely to see a well loved brand that has stuff for older kids too. To celebrate Frugi’s tenth birthday, there are ten of us reviewing a couple of items from each age range so there are ten lovely review posts for you to read. I’d love you to pop over and read Danni’s review and sigh at the cuteness of baby E in her beautiful clothes!

The Big One is going through a very ‘anti girly’ phase at the moment, preferring boy’s clothes over girl’s any day. This is something I love about her. She is not afraid to be slightly different and actively shuns the same things as ‘girly girls’ at school (such as frilly pink clothes and certain boy bands!) whilst still belting out songs from Frozen like there’s no tomorrow. She is who she is, and she’s very comfortable with that.

So choosing her items from Frugi was not so easy as it happens. She insisted she wanted something from the boy’s range and so we spent some time browsing their things. Normally, we shop instore as I like to try things on and I like to see the fit, but shopping online doesn’t allow for that so in the end we were delighted to find lots of stuff in the girls section for her instead (My worry had been that the boy’s clothes might not fit her blossoming frame as well as the girl’s clothing would).

We went for the Spring ‘skort’ in indigo floral birdie and the Dotty Chambray shirt made especially for girls.

The skort

Frugi clothing for older kids~

The thing that The Big One likes the most about the skort is that it’s not a skirt! It’s a skort. And what makes it a skort?

Frugi clothing for older kids~

The clever pair of shorts underneath! The skort perfectly sums up my eldest daughter for me. She is a girl- unmistakably so- but she is a self-confessed tomboy. The skort allows her to have the comfort and coolness of a skirt, while at the same time allowing her to do kartwheels on the beach without showing her knickers. She loves this piece more than I thought she would and the fit is perfect for her. This one is going to be perfect for our holiday to Sicily in August.

The shirt

I wasn’t sure about this, but The Big One and I have a clothes shopping rule. We each choose one thing for her. This ensures that she has a good mix of things she loves (and I generally hate) and things she likes enough but I think look lovely on her. When choosing my items, I go for things I know will feel comfortable on her so that she doesn’t need to think twice about what she’s wearing, while she goes for things she falls in love with immediately. That was the case with the shirt.

Frugi clothing for older kids~

I wasn’t convinced. As is always the way, this made her love it even more. But, a deal is a deal so the dotty shirt made the final cut. And actually, I now love it too. The Big One pulls it off perfectly well and has been rocking this look at parties and the like. We both love it.

How she wears them

The skort is an ideal summer piece that goes well with vest tops and t-shirts. At the moment, she wears it with a slouchy white t-shirt but I can see her popping it on over her swimming costume at the beach with no effort at all.

Frugi clothing for older kids~

The Dotty shirt looks fab with a pair of simple black skinny jeans, making the outfit a compromise between us both as I like her in skinny jeans. Her white converse finish off the look brilliantly!

Frugi clothing for older kids~

What we love about the clothes

The clothes we ordered from Frugi were well made and you can tell that they are of the utmost quality just by looking at them. We love the fact that they are made from organic cotton too.

Frugi clothing for older kids~

We also love the attention to small details. You can tell that each item has had a lot of though gone into it right from the design stage.

Frugi clothing for older kids~

And we love the funky patterns. The skort is beautiful up close- it’s not just flowers. The pattern is amazing and the colours are vibrant and fun, capturing the essence of kids in the summertime really well. And not too girly!

Frugi clothing for older kids~


Over all, we are both really impressed with the Frugi clothing we were sent and its little wonder why Planet Frugi has managed to reach it’s ten year celebrations! All clothes are organic and lovingly made, and you can really tell. The skort retails at £20 and the shirt at £22, both very reasonable prices- especially when you just know they’ll be handed down for years of loving wear!


*We were sent these items free of charge for review purposes only. No other payment was received and all opinions are my own.