Today I am 15 weeks and  pregnant  (plus 4 days) with baby number 4.

return of the bump 15 weeks ~

Its not been an easy week as far as the sickness goes. Apparently I am no longer able to sleep much past 4am and that’s playing havoc on the sickness and nausea. I’m back up to the full dose of meds to try and keep it all together through the week. Meanwhile, my body is crying out for healthy food and exercise, so who am I to argue? I’m more than a little obsessed with fruit smoothies (raspberry, grape, blueberry and strawberry with cherry juice is the current favourite) and I can’t seem to get enough vegetables either. I discovered courgette tagliatelle and its become apparent that cutting carbs after lunch is the way forward for me at the moment. I say carbs, of course I mean pasta, bread etc. I can’t do without my fruit and veg. Eating better is helping, resting helps even more- but that’s not possible through the week. So battle on I must.

This week the poppy seed has been promoted to the size of an orange (no wonder I’m feeling more movement this week!) and not only are ears moving to the sides of the head, but eyes are moving to the front too. Fingers and toes are wiggling- no doubt in time to the constant barrage of songs from the Frozen soundtrack.

And I am plodding on. Veering wildly from feeling full of energy and wanting to race around the house with a hoover, mow all the lawns in the world and complete 60 minutes of pre-natal pilates. Of course, once I’ve done that I’m fit for nothing and ready to burst into tears at the drop of a hat. Pregnancy hormones have SO much to answer for.

Today we received the results of our nuchal fold testing and we’ve been deemed low risk for Down’s Syndrome so no further action is necessary. One more box to tick on this road to baby number 4.

We’re trying to keep the kids involved and enthused and the two eldest are beyond themselves when we talk about names and bedrooms and new cars. The Toddler? She’s ignoring us in the way that only a two year old can. And I don’t blame her one little bit.

And me? I’m sick. I’m tired. I’m all over the place emotionally. But I’m holding on.

return of the bump 15 weeks ~