Today I am 19 weeks and 6 days pregnant with baby number 4. Yes, my update is ridiculously late. But I’m updating, none the less. I should also explain the title of this post. I don’t usually write about what I’m wearing and have yet to talk much about maternity wear, but over the last few weeks I’ve been posting bump updates on my Facebook pageΒ and some lovely people have been commenting on my outfits! Aren’t they kind? And since writing the post on body image and pregnancy, I’ve been taking more notice of maternity clothes, maternity fashion and maternity campaigns in general. Apparently some brands don’t even use pregnant models… which I can understand. A pregnant model has a very short ‘life span’ after all, but sometimes I think it would really help real pregnant women to see what actual pregnant women look like in maternity clothes. Lots of the models that showcase the stuff we buy (both online and in store) may have the perfect figure with just a bump added, and that doesn’t really give you a true picture of things. I like to know how trousers will fit when you have cankles, or whether that skirt still looks nice with the added padding on the hips, etc.

So I thought I would share what I’ve been wearing so far, and I’ll update it further along in the pregnancy too.

This time around, my normal clothes made me feel quite ill very early on, and I sought refuge in H&M’s maternity jeggings at about ten weeks! These are my staples. You can wear with flats, heels, or boots. A nice top or a hoody. It doesn’t matter. They’re over the bump (always over for me) and a lovely deep indigo blue so make the legs look a *little* slimmer. I love them.

 jreturn of the bump 19 weeks_jeggings~

I’ve also been living in maternity t-shirts, or looser, slouchy t-shirts that I already owned. I like the ones with ruching at the sides, and in this weather it helps if they are short sleeved, or vest tops. I’ve not done badly so far with the heat- helps living up north I guess!

return of the bump 19 weeks_maternity t shirt~

Another staple of my wardrobe at the moment are my old faithful dresses that I have worn to death since buying them. They are non maternity, but the style suits a bump too. I like dresses that are loose and stretchy and gathered under the bust (think the correct term is Empire line??). When you have a bump they not only allow for freedom to grow, but they define the waist too, especially with a belt. And I like them, so I’ve been wearing them. These are two of my favourites, both from Zara.

return of the bump 19 weeks_favourite dresses~

And while we’re on dresses, these are the items of choice for me- pregnant or not. I love wearing dresses and I have bough a few maternity pieces that I know I will wear again and again (and already have). My most recent purchase was the gorgeously flattering and surprisingly affordable Purpless dress from Beebies Baby Store. I seriously thought it would be too tight when I saw it but it’s designed so cleverly that it fits perfectly. And I love that it already comes with a belt that makes my bump look like a beautifully wrapped gift!


Another staple for me, often with dresses and sometimes not, is leggings. I have maternity leggings from H&M and Asos and they are SO comfy. I do advise maternity leggings over normal ones, but mainly because I like the over the bump thing. As when I’m not pregnant, I’ve been wearing them with a little stretchy skirt (looks a little like a bump band) and whatever top comes to hand.

return of the bump 19 weeks_leggings and stretchy skirt~

Finally, I wanted to share my latest purchase with you. My lovely friend Chelle (Unique and Chic) has been urging me to buy some Harem pants for a while now. She lives in hers and swears they are so comfy, etc etc. And so I thought I would have a look. And my, are they! I’m not entirely sure mine are true Harem pants, but they are soft trousers that stretch nicely and slouch perfectly and I love them. They are non pregnancy and the sizings at Matalan are either a little out or they are meant to be worn a lot baggier than I’ve gone for. Either that or buying a size 8 at almost 20 weeks pregnant will turn out to be a huge mistake! So at 19 weeks and 5 days, I got me some comfy trousers!

return of the bump 19 weeks_comfy trousers~

And so on to the poppy seed. This week, it is more like a mango, and developing nicely. The increase in bump growth indicates that baby is indeed growing in there, and I’m feeling lots more very prounouced movements too, which is great- and reassuring. And yes, this week’s bump shot showcases another new dress… this one from H&M!

return of the bump 19 weeks~

*All of the above outfits have been purchased and I have not been asked to review them.