Today I am 21 weeks and 5 days pregnant with the poppy seed, baby number four. It’s not been an easy week I’m afraid, and if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you’ll know this only too well. I’ve not been well this week and the nausea has been creeping back in too. With Ghostwriterdaddy away too, I’ve struggled with much of what life has thrown at me this week. But that’s another post; I need to vent, but not here!

This week I’m pushing the nasties to one side and focusing on some goodies I was sent to try from Mustela UK. I’d not heard of this company before (they’re originally from France andΒ branching out in the UK) but the sound of the sensory bubble bath and their 9 Months prenatal range certainly caught my attention. I was sent a few samples to try, but the main products I’ve been loving are the Stretch mark oil, the Sensory bubble bath and the Hydra Bebe body lotion.

mustela stretch mark oilA word on stretch marks. They’re going to happen, probably. I made it to 41 weeks in my first pregnancy without a single mark, and then a couple popped up before The Big One arrived at 42+1. Two and half pregnancies later and I still only have the two from that first pregnancy, but that’s not to say they may not still appear. The stretch mark oil is designed to soften skin and to help to soothe the itches that occurs as the belly grows. It’s also great for previous c-section scars that also tend to have an itch of their own sometimes. What I love about this oil, aside from the way it absorbs really quickly and smells lush, is the fact that its a spray bottle. A small thing, but I’ve wasted a fortune in the past with clumsy hands and have ended up resembling a basted turkey rather than a gently moisturised pregnant woman. So the spray bottle is a winner and you don’t spill anything. It’s also worth mentioning that my skin is still super soft at the end of the day too, proving that the oil is working on the skin right up to the end.

The same goes with the body lotion. I’ve developed small patches of eczema since I became pregnant (I’m prone to dry skin at times, and it seems the poppyseed is sucking all moisture from my body right now) and so this lotionmustela body lotion has been a very welcome addition indeed. It too smells delicious and yes, I am not waiting for baby to arrive. I’m using this on myself and seeing great results. especially on the knees and elbows.

And the Sensory bubble bath? I’ll let you know when I get five minutes to myself shall I? The kids like it though.

I was actually rather thrilled to be asked to review the stuff from Mustela because it isn’t very often that I actually get to spend a little time on me. I’m trying to change that. But spending just five minutes on a quick bump massage in the morning is really lovely, and if it keep stretch marks at bay too I’ll take it.

This week the poppy seed is the size of a banana, growing all the time so you can only imagine how my belly is stretching! Apparently the poppy seed can now taste whatever I eat, and while I am still trying to eat really well I have to admit to a serious lack of appetite lately. It could have a lot to do with the sickness and being ill this week, but I can’t help feeling sorry for that little poppy seed! I promise to do better. Baby’s digestive system is developing and he/ she is also swallowing a fair amount of amniotic fluid too. And I’m feeling a lot more movement these days too, which is really lovely.

And me? I’m tired. Exhausted some days. I am not really suffering otherwise though. Pilates and swimming is keeping me active and the usual back ache at the end of the day has yet to rear it’s head. That can only be a good thing! Now excuse me, I need to sleep…

Return of the bump_ 21 weeks~

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