The lovely Ami at Beebies Baby Store recently asked me to review a piece from her Purpless maternity range on the site and since I was pregnant and all, I agreed. Maternity wear is relatively new on the award winning site, but as ever (and totally as expected) Beebies has taken on the challenge of dressing a changing body with gusto. And I’m happy to report that it doesn’t disappoint! I was sent this beautiful capuccino evening dress to review (and I bought a few other items too) and this is what I thought…

Maternity wear from Beebies Baby Store~

The dress itself is really well made, very comfortable and actually really flattering. I always find it hard buying clothes online because I like to try things on, so it’s always a bit of a gamble when things turn up and you try them on for the first time. On first glance, I thought the dress looked more like a day dress, but once on I realised it is an evening dress after all. The way that the skirt swings out is really lovely and the wide band under the bust helps to shape the bump nicely. The colour is gorgeous (one of my favourites) and the fabric is nice and thick too so I can see it will be perfect in Autumn with tights and boots. The dress is £21.99 from Beebies Baby Store.

Purpless evening dress~

Alongside the dress, I also bought a few items that have quickly become staples in my maternity wardrobe. The ultimate piece for me is always a vest- to be worn alone in the summer, or under t shirts in cooler weather. I always search for the perfect vest and I’ve found it in the Purpless range. It’s, again, made from lovely thick fabric that won’t wear easily, and it’s ruched at the sides so it grows as the bump grows. It is also a great length, perfect for covering all areas that need covering! I wear this vest with everything- pencil skirts, jeans, soft trousers. As it’s black it goes with everything and seriously, this vest is washed around four times a week currently- that’s how much I wear it! The vest top is £12.99 from Beebies Baby Store.

Purpless back vest~

The other item I wanted to mention is the little black dress, again from Purpless. It’s beautiful (I mentioned it in this post) and I love the little belt that always makes me feel I’m wrapping my bump up like a gift. The dress comes in loads of colours too- well worth a buy. The dress is £24.99 from Beebies Baby Store.

Maternity wear from Beebies Baby Store_ Purpless black dress~

So the verdict on Beebies’ maternity range from Purpless? I love it. Everything I have is really well made, flattering and- most importantly- affordable. It’s nice to see a new range that is easy to order, arrives in good time, and is also easy on the purse too. Huge thumbs up from the poppy seed and me!