I spent my 27th week of pregnancy in Sicily.

return of the bump: 27 weeks~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

I would like to say that the week saw me breezing around the island in floaty little maternity numbers, and lazing by the pool with one hand resting lightly on my golden bump… but that would be just plain wrong. We had a super, super time- but man was it HOT. And by hot, I mean HOT. 37 degrees hot. Too hot for 27 weeks gestation.

So rather than glowing in the sunshine, I have to admit that I spent much of this week sweating in whatever shade I could find, being unable to squeeze my way out of crowded restaurants because my belly was too big, and nursing feet that looked like return of the bump: 27 weeks~ Ghostwritermummy.co.ukhunks of ham.That aside, Sicily is a beautifully breezy place and the stunning scenery more than makes up for my pregnant grumbles. We’re still finding it hard to get back into the swing of ‘normal’ life, especially knowing that it won’t be this normal for very long!


During this week, the poppyseed is the size of a cauliflower head! Nice. Baby is gaining in weight and can now apparently recognise my voice too. It’s hard to imagine all the work that is going on inside of me, but the kicks and wriggles are certainly strong enough now to convince me that baby is growing well. And rolling! The night before we flew, the baby turned completely over from one side to another and literally took my breath away! I’m not sure if the placenta has moved at all, but I guess we shall soon find out.

return of the bump: 27 weeks~ Ghostwritermummy.co.ukThe journey to Sicily was long but uncomplicated and relatively stress free. A 4 hour drive to Gatwick, followed by a couple of hours waiting and then a 2.5 hour flight- all in all, not too bad. No swelling to report, and no major complaints aside from the blast of heat as we stepped off the plane, and the hour’s drive to the villa we were staying in, in the smallest car in the world, ever. Once settled into the swing of holiday life, I suddenly felt very pregnant. More than once we were stopped by friendly locals or waiters in restaurants who counted up the three children they could see, and then the bump and widened their eyes in glee. Four! Slap on Dad’s back, a shake of the hand and a wry shake of the head before going on their way. I’m not sure what the average family size is in Italy but I’m guessing having 4 is not the norm!

So the week consisted of swimming, laughing, eating ice cream and driving up, down and round tiny, dusty roads. Being a family. Being happy. Enjoying this holiday as a family of five, before we expand again and become a six.

And the bump seemed to grow before our eyes!

return of the bump_ 27 weeks ~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk