Today I am 31 weeks and 4 days pregnant with baby number 4. And yes, this week has been a lot better than last. Thank goodness! Knowing that there is only one more day until the next growth scan is a huge relief, and knowing that we are getting a little more organised helps a lot too. It’s safe to say that our last appointment gave us a kick up the butt in so many ways!

This week I’ve been reading up on breech babies and I have to say that there are some weird and wonderful ways out there designed to get baby to turn! My favourite involves frozen peas and an ironing board. I kid you not! Seriously though, I really REALLY hope the poppyseed turns. At the moment some internal organs are being squashed quite regularly, to the point that this week I have been doubled over in pain. Lying, standing, sitting- it made no difference on Tuesday. The baby’s kicks felt like knives and underneath my ribs has been SO sore. Today is a little better but I am still desperate for baby to move, knowing that a potential IUGR diagnosis and a breech baby isn’t a great thing at all. 

This week I’ve also been trying to get hold of my community midwife, to no avail. An engaged tone is all I get, when what I want is reassurance. A friendly ear to listen to my neurotic claims that baby  hasn’t moved much, or at all in the last few hours. Someone to listen to the heartbeat. Someone to talk me through my scan notes and help me to prepare for tomorrow’s scan. Instead I have been faced with the triage numbers for three different hospitals, not knowing which I am supposed to call. Luckily the one that answered was able to calm me down and offer great advice on monitoring baby’s movements. I still miss my midwife though.

The nurse at my GP surgery took my blood pressure this week (still low), sent off bloods to be checked (all normal) and gave me the Whooping Cough jab (arm still hurts!). She also very kindly listened in to the poppyseed’s heartbeat for me too, and what a relief it was to hear it pumping away. She couldn’t be sure on the position of baby, but I guess I’ll find out more tomorrow.

So now I wait. And as I wait I worry. I can’t not. There is so much for us to potentially get our head’s around and there are things I don’t want to think about just yet either. For now, baby and I are still together and I am hoping it stays that way for many more weeks.

This week The Poppyseed is the size of a head of lettuce, and is supposed to weigh in at more than three pounds now. Measuring 18 inches long (hopefully!) baby is also close to his/ her birth length now and set to gain another three to five pounds before the big birth day. Fingers crossed this really does happen.

return of the bump_31 weeks ~

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