Just before Elsie arrived we were sent a Fisher-Price Sensory Stages 2 in 1 bouncer to review. Β All the kids have had a bouncy chair of some sort, as when they are first born I like them to have a change of scenery, and sit up with the family as much as possible. I have fond memories of my little sister being a baby, and chatting gobbledygook to her as she sat happily in her bouncy chair, and that was 27 years ago! So, on to the Fisher-Price chair, and what we thought of it.

Fisher-Price sensory stages 2 in 1 bounver chair review and giveaway~ Ghostwrtermummy.co.u

The Fisher-Price Sensory Stages 2 in 1 bouncer: features

The chair is suitable from birth, and has a detachable head cushion and detachable play bar too, so it can be used as a play chair or just a bouncy chair. The play bar has toys, music and sounds and is double sided, so age appropriate as baby grows. So far we’ve mainly used the 0-3 month side, which has bold black, white and red colours and a mirror which Elsie LOVES looking into. There is also a fantastic vibrate function which turns on and off at the slide of a switch at the bottom of the seat.

The seat bounces. Of course, you’d expect that! But we love the fact that it actually bounces, rather than moves a little bit- which has been the case for some other chairs we’ve tried. This one has a lovely padded seat too and the head support is wonderful so that baby is protected whilst being bounced. And Elsie loves to be bounced.

The toy bar on the other side has fun and colourful animals and there is the option to have long or short play sessions with music. So far, Elsie tires very quickly with the music and sounds but that doesn’t stop her beaming from ear to ear when she gets in that chair! It’s also lovely to see her really looking at the toys and fine tuning her eye tracking development!

(apologies for the video filmed in vertical mode…)

How we use our bouncy chair

Elsie has been sitting happily in her chair since she was around three weeks old, and it’s quickly become the item we take wherever we go. It guarantees she has a comfy seat, somewhere to rest and chill out for a while and if there is no bed available or she is having a particularly bad refluxy day it is the ONLY thing that saves our sanity. Being upright is a huge thing for Elsie and this chair allows her to do that without compromising on comfort or safety. There is a secure harness that makes sure she stays put and the seat is roomy enough to add a couple of blankets for warmth too. Add on the vibrate function and Elsie is away. Β This chair has been my 4am pal on many an occasion!

Fisher-Price Sensory Stages 2 in 1 bouncer~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

The chair has also been a wonderful way for the other children to interact with Elsie and it’s peace of mind knowing she is safe and secure in her chair- they can’t pick her up and they can’t fall over her either! The Toddler in particular loves to chatter away with her- much like I did with my baby sister!

Fisher-Price Sensory Stages 2 in 1 bouncer~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk_


We LOVE our Fisher-Price Sensory Stages 2 in 1 bouncer and we’ll be genuinely sad when Elsie is too big for it! The chair can be used until babies are able to sit up unaided, so when that day comes we will certainly be passing this along- maybe my little sister may be able to get some use out of it! For now though, the chair is in hot demand as we rely on it to soothe, entertain and rock Elsie when she needs it and nothing else will do. Without the chair, naps would be scarce, dinner would not be cooked and smiles like this would be missing:

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